The NYLA Lake Placid First Time Conference Stipend

This application is currently closed and will re-open in 2024.


To encourage future librarians to attend NYLA’s Annual Conference by providing a stipend to 4 library school student recipients who have not been to the NYLA Conference before.


  • Each dean will be responsible for disseminating the information of the award application to their respective School of Information Science and NYLA will also advertise via our communication channels.
  • Students who apply must be attending the NYLA Annual Conference for the first time.


•    Stipend includes registration to all non-ticketed events and up to $500 for travel and lodging as well as a one-year NYLA student membership.
•    Recipients will be acknowledged on NYLA's website and at the Annual Conference.

Please Note: If the awardee cannot attend this year's NYLA Conference, the award can be rolled over to the following year's Annual Conference.