NYLA Roundtables: Reflecting Your Interests

Roundtables cover a host of library issues and provide members with a place to share common interests and educate colleagues through conference programs and other gatherings. With generally fewer than 150 members, roundtables offer you a chance for leadership. Each roundtable membership is an additional $10.00. NYLA Members may join as many roundtables as they choose.

Steps for Forming a New Roundtable

Active Roundtables

Inactive Roundtables

Interested in spearheading efforts to reactivate these Roundtables? Email C at [email protected] to learn how!

  • CORT - Correctional and Outreach Resource Team
  • FILM- Finding Inspiration in Literature & Movies
  • GIRT - Government Information Roundtable
  • ILRT - Information Literacy Roundtable
  • LAR - Library Access Roundtable
  • LGBTQIART - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual/Ally Roundtable
  • RASL - Rochester Area School Librarians
  • SRRT - Social Responsibilities Roundtable

Interested in adding Roundtables to your existing NYLA membership?

A Unit Join Form is available in each member's profile. You must be a member of NYLA in order to add any sections or roundtables to your account. To add units to your membership, login to your member account and click on Unit Join Form link available in the profile menu under the welcome banner. 

* Please note that the expiration date for any secondary groups that members join will be the fixed membership year (June 1st - May 31st) regardless of when it is added during the year to their member account. Members are encouraged to renew all secondary groups during open renewal in March of each year.