NYLA Partnerships 

NYLA established an organization membership in recognition of the special groups in library-related fields that have formed outside the structure of NYLA that wish to maintain close contact with the Association and take advantage of its annual meetings as a gathering place for professional and allied library interests.

Want to become a Partner of NYLA?

Groups seeking partnership must:

  1. Comply with the goals and objectives of NYLA.
  2. Establish a contract with the organization clearly defining,
    1. Timeframe of partnership
    2. Terms of Service
    3. Financial Obligations
    4. Succession plans

Interested in starting this process? Contact AnnaLee Dragon at [email protected].


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Sustainable Library Certification Program

Visit the new Sustainable Libraries Initiative website at sustainablelibrariesinitiative.org to join the Sustainable Library Certification Program, which provides library leaders from all types of libraries - academic, public and school - with a tested, structured path forward to increase your library’s commitment to environmental stewardship, economic feasibility, and social equity. 

As part of the program your team will work through multiple categories that help align your efforts with the triple bottom line. Actions within each category provide you with the opportunity to take a closer look at how things are done and/or consumed at your library and provide your team with the opportunity to think differently about how you will proceed on that issue in the future. As part of the program, you'll have access to a real live mentor, examples, inspiration, and “Pro Tips” along the way.


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The Empire State Center for the Book is committed to the book in all formats. Interests of the Center include the promotion of the culture of reading, literature, literacy, book arts, and book history throughout New York State. The Center will work with publishers, libraries, museums, educational institutions, scholars, authors, illustrators, and other interested parties to enrich book culture for the people of New York. The Center for the Book relies on grants, sponsorships, and the contributions of individuals who share the ideals and support the mission of the Center to promote literature, literacy, and libraries.


Enabling libraries to better serve their users through dynamic programs, innovative collaborations, and shared resources.
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Twenty-three public library systems make up PULISDO.  NYLA is pleased to count each of the systems as organizational members.  A complete listing of public library system members can be found HERE.


SLSA provides support to New York State School Library System Directors by promoting innovative school library media programs and professional growth through mentoring, networking opportunities, advocacy, professional development and consortium pricing.

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Urban Librarians Unite (ULU) is a professional group created to promote and support libraries, library staff, and librarianship in urban settings. Urban Librarian Unite facilitates dialog between libraries and library workers, encourages new developments in library science, and advocates for libraries and librarians in urban areas. The organization will accomplish this through training, networking events, information resources, advocacy, publications, and presentations. While ULU is principally focused on libraries in urban settings it recognizes all forms of librarianship with particular support for libraries at risk.