Sponsorships and Fundraising Committee


The Committee shall work to identify and cultivate sponsors and donors for Association events and activities, as well as to plan and execute fundraising events in coordination with the Executive Director, staff, and Council.


The Sponsorship/Fundraising Committee shall consist of the Treasurer of each Section of NYLA, or an active member representative designated by the Section. The President shall appoint as Chair of the Committee an active member of the Association, preferably a member with fundraising experience. The Executive Director may attend and shall serve as Secretary and an ex-officio, nonvoting member.

2024 Sponsorships and Fundraising Committee Roster

  • Kelly Harris, Chair
  • Nan Brown, YSS Treasurer
  • Amanda McCormick, ASLS Treasurer
  • Terry Mulee, FLS Treasurer
  • Edris Scherer, LTAS Treasurer
  • Sue Padjen, SSL Treasurer
  • Lisa Paulo, PLS Treasurer
  • Melissa Tacke, LAMS Treasurer
  • AnnaLee Dragon, Ex-Officio