Public Libraries Section | L. Marion Moshier/Asa Wynkoop Award

L. Marion Moshier/Asa Wynkoop Award for Distinguished Librarianship honors a librarian who has given outstanding service to a community of a population of 7,500 or less. It is given in odd years and a professional degree is not required.

The award-winning librarian will receive a $1,000 cash award, a display plaque, and an official press release from the Public Libraries Section of NYLA for the award-winner’s library to distribute to local media outlets.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • A librarian in New York State (Professional Degree is not required)
  • Attendance at the 2023 NYLA Conference
  • Current Public Libraries Section Board Directors are Ineligible
  • Previous Winners are Ineligible

Nominations referencing the librarian’s full name and accomplishments may be received in the form of a 1-2 page letter. A diverse mix of recommendations from board members, friend groups, community leaders, colleagues, and patrons are encouraged.

Letters should include:

  • Description of specific outreach tasks and projects implemented by the nominee.
  • Description of why the outreach was necessary.
  • Information about how the library and community were impacted by the nominee’s initiative.
  • Additional information about the nominee that is relevant to the criteria of the award, and what traits make the nominee special to the library and community being served.  

To apply for a Public Libraries Award for Distinguished Librarianship, please email letters meeting the criteria outlined above to: [email protected].  Please put “PLS - Award for Distinguished Librarianship” in the subject line.  Questions may be sent to the same email address.