NYLA Strategic Vision

NYLA Mission Statement:

NYLA leads, educates, and advocates for the advancement of the New York library community.

NYLA will advance this mission, in partnership and collaboration with; public, school, academic and special libraries; library systems and staff; librarians and library staff; library trustees, and friends.

NYLA is committed to these Guiding Principles:

  1. NYLA advocates for the New York library community.
  2. NYLA advances excellence in New York libraries.
  3. NYLA enhances member engagement.

Further clarification of each Guiding Principle and defined goals for each:

NYLA advocates for the New York library community.

  1. Introduce and influence legislation and policy impacting libraries and library funding
  2. Assert the position of libraries as an essential part of New York’s education infrastructure
  3. Communicate the economic impact and contributions of all libraries
  4. Cultivate individuals who can champion libraries at all levels
  5. Promote free, open, and equal access to information
  6. Develop a comprehensive messaging strategy

Advocacy Goals

  1. Tie Library Aid funding to sustainable annual education increases
  2. Pass a bill requiring a certified school librarian in all schools (expanded for Elementary)
  3. Address eContent access issues
  4. Develop advocacy and communication calendar and create templates and toolkits
  5. Monitor Civil Service issues

NYLA advances excellence in New York libraries.

  1. Deliver top-quality professional development via a variety of formats

o    Conference
o    Webinars

  1. Promote exemplars and best practices
  2. Provide training for the development of leaders and leadership skills
  3. Encourage diversity of the library profession

Excellence Goals

  1. Evaluate effectiveness of organization’s professional development and continuing education activities
  2. Identify opportunities for partnerships to encourage diversity
  3. Create a unified NYLA-wide professional development and continuing education calendar
  4. Increase participation in, and awareness of, NYLA awards
  5. Identify opportunities to encourage sustainability in all aspects of libraries and library service
  6. Explore creating a NYLA program-planning institute

NYLA enhances member engagement.

  1. Create multiple opportunities and pathways for member involvement
  2. Provide and promote leadership opportunities within the organization
  3. Encourage inter-member communications
  4. Cultivate a diverse and robust NYLA membership via recruitment and retention activities
  5. Engage iSchools

Member Engagement Goals

  1. Attain 5,000 individual members
  2. Attain 500 organizational members
  3. Arrange informal regional events
  4. Develop NYLA Involvement Pathway Guides
  5. Educate members on communication options

Strategic Planning Taskforce Members:
Sara Kelly Johns, NYLA President
Geoff Kirkpatrick, NYLA President-Elect
Debby Emerson, Incoming NYLA President-Elect-Elect
Sue Kowalski, Councilor-at-Large-Elect
Rebecca Lubin, Council-at-Large-Elect
Marcy Strong, Councilor-at-Large
Chrissie Morrison, YSS President
Tim Burke, NYLA Treasurer
Mike Neppl, NYLA Director of Government Relations
Jeremy Johannesen, NYLA Executive Director