NYLA Empire State Academic Scholarship 

The NYLA Empire State Academic Scholarship is sponsored by the Lake Placid Education Foundation and the New York Library Association

This application cycle is currently closed.

The NYLA Empire State Academic Scholarship (formerly NYLA Dewey Scholarship) provides financial assistance to enable an interested and deserving student to pursue a Master's Degree in Library Science at an ALA-accredited library school in New York State.

The two recipients of this award will receive $1,000.00 to cover tuition costs and related expenses. In addition, the winners will receive free attendance at the first NYLA Annual Conference to be held after the awarding of the scholarship (this includes a ticket to the awards banquet but does not include travel and lodging). 

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a full- or part-time student, or have been accepted into an ALA-accredited library school or school of information science located in New York State. The winner must be matriculated in a library school by the time they receive the award.
  2. Students must have maintained at least a B average during the semester preceding the award and transcripts must be provided to receive payment.
  3. The successful candidates are expected to work in a library or library system in New York State for at least two years upon graduation.
  4. To be eligible to apply for the scholarship, both the student and the library school must be members of the New York Library Association.  

Award Consideration Factors

Three major factors will be considered in awarding the scholarship: a) evidence of a commitment to a career in librarianship, b) demonstrated leadership ability, and c) scholarly excellence.  

The two winners will be notified by December 15th. The award will be made available in time for the student to meet the Spring term's tuition costs.  

The following people are excluded from applying for the NYLA Empire State Academic Scholarship: Board members, officers, employees, or relatives thereof of the New York Library Association as well as board members, officers, employees, and their relatives of the Lake Placid Foundation.  


University at Albany: Rosella Hren


St. John Fisher: Savanna Webb


Long Island University: Ruth Hurwitz

Pratt Institute: Elliott Hadwin

Queens College: Jennifer Grunenberg

St. John's University: Allison Payne

Syracuse University: Jaklin Sweis

University at Albany: Amanda Ospina

University at Buffalo: Charice Thompson

St. John Fisher: Jennifer McCorry


Long Island University: Thomas Mullen

Pratt Institute: Mary Bakija

Queens College: Marianna Czeisel

St. John's University: Katie Ranno

Syracuse University:Simcha Glassman

University at Albany: Anne Nelson

University at Buffalo: Melissa Wilson


Long Island University: Katherine Fisher

Pratt Institute: Sarah Adams

Queens College: Hal Schrieve

St. John's University: Mizuho Hashimoto

Syracuse University: Melissa Cobo

University at Albany: Laura Stoll

University at Buffalo: Kimberly Nobles


Long Island University: Kate Cauley

Pratt Institute: Hilary Baribeau

Queens College: Rachel Helene Kahn

St. John's University: Alyssa Alonzo

Syracuse University: Melissa Tidd

University at Albany: Samantha Mahoski

University at Buffalo: Tamice Gates


Long Island University: Joneil T. James

Pratt Institute: Tiffany Carcamo

Queens College: Kara Kratcha

St. John's University: Lindsay Jankovitz

Syracuse University: Rebecca Anne Fitzgerald

University at Albany: Charlene Martoni

University at Buffalo: Sebastian Galbo


Long Island University: Brian David Hasbrouck

Pratt Institute: Megan De Armond

Queens College: Victoria Urbelis

St. John's University: Brittany L. LaValle

Syracuse University: Kenneth D. Roman

University at Albany: Jody Ellen Shlomo

University at Buffalo: Emily Warren


Long Island University: Carmen DiBartolomeo

Pratt Institute: Samantha M. Raddatz

Queens College: Elliot Andreopoulos

St. John’s University: Lindsay Willert

Syracuse University: Kathleen Swingly

University at Albany: Maura Nichols

University at Buffalo: Sarah Akers


Long Island University: Theresa Ameres

Pratt Institute: Tamara Townsend

Queens College: Doreen O'Sullivan

St. John's University: Alice Izumo

Syracuse University: Anne Fildes

University at Albany: Ashley Smolinski

University at Buffalo: Michelle Ahearn


Long Island University: Caitlyn Wrigley

Pratt Institute: Maridath Wilson

Queens College: Dr. Cheryl Branche

St. John's University: Megan Margino

Syracuse Unviersity: Alyssa Newton

University at Albany: Betsaida Reyes

University at Buffalo: Darlene Alessi


CUNY/Queens College: Jennifer Daddio

Long Island University/Palmer School: Abigail Orian Garnett

Syracuse University: Tessa Brawley

University at Albany: Tor Loney

University at Buffalo: Amanda Koziura


Long Island University/Palmer School: Erik Sommer

Pratt Institute: Whitney Owen

St. John’s University: Damary Gonzalez

University At Albany: Alison Hosier

University At Buffalo: Elizabeth Archer


Long Island University/Palmer School: Crystal Cutler

Pratt Institute: Katherine Borkowski, Nicholas Higgins

St. John's University: Monique Harding

University at Albany: Douglas Moore


Long Island University/Palmer School: Jennifer Chisnell

Pratt Institute: Nicholas Higgins

Queens College: Marl Alperts

St. John's University: Sheila Doherty

Syracuse University: April Yannarelli

University at Albany: Sara Germain

University at Buffalo: Sharon Cosentino


Long Island University: Gabriel McKee

Pratt Institute: Tobi Fineberg

Queens College: Rebecca Eller

St. John's University: Kimberly Hack

Syracuse University: Emily Cornell

University at Albany: Nancy Goldblatt

University at Buffalo: Sarah Hodges


Long Island University: Amanda Susan Angevine

Pratt Institute: David Clonnars

Queens College: Debra Firestone

St. John's University: Ann Witte

Syracuse University: Sara Lynn Kipp

University at Albany: Lindsay H. Laczak

University at Buffalo: Maria Lin Muhlbauer


Long Island University: Ronit Socoloff

Pratt Institute: Terrance Fitzgerald

Queens College: Karan Rinaldo

St. John's University: Roderick Somers

Syracuse University: Kirsten Hensley

University at Albany: Alanna Moss

University at Buffalo: Linda C. Paul