NYLA Nominating Committee


The Committee shall prepare a slate of candidates for elected offices of the Council, to be filled in the following conference-to-conference year. The slate shall consist of at least two candidates for each office. The Committee shall submit, by resolution for approval of the Entire Council, the slate of nominated candidates by the end of March and distribute to the Membership of the Association by May 15th.


The President shall recommend for appointment, by resolution submitted to and adopted by the majority of the Entire Council, the membership of the Nominating Committee. The Committee shall consist of four members, each from a different Section, and the Immediate Past President, who shall serve as Chair of the Committee. Members of the Nominating Committee are ineligible for elected office.

  • An unwritten agreement established near the end of the 1960s began a procedure whereby the two candidates for the position of First Vice-President/President-Elect were drawn from the three major types of libraries—academic, school, and public—in successive three-year cycles. It was anticipated that this rotation procedure would provide flow to the leadership process and establish harmonious and cooperative relations among all NYLA members, regardless of affiliation, since NYLA leaders would equally represent all over the years. It was not the intention of the rotation procedure to eliminate any category of NYLA member or any individual NYLA member from consideration for the presidency. The rotation procedure is maintained on an informal basis so as not to be binding.
  • Other factors to be considered by the Nominating Committee include: representation of all membership categories within the New York Library Association (slates from recent years should be consulted for this purpose); geographical distribution; previous NYLA involvement and specialties; demonstrated leadership; whether the candidate has the personal time and/or institutional support to perform presidential duties should be determined by candidate; notification that candidate may/should hold only one seat on Council.
  • If the Nominating Committee feels that the presidential rotation procedure is not feasible for a particular year, it should prepare a slate composed of the best nominees drawn from the total membership.
  • The Nominating Committee should make an effort to secure qualified candidates from the entire NYLA membership regardless of library orientation and affiliation.
  • The Nominating Committee should seek recommendations from all sections identified with the three major types of libraries for the presidential candidates.

2024 Nominating Committee Roster

  • Arlene Laverde, Chair/Immediate Past-President
  • Caitlin Kenney, At-Large Member
  • Christa Lucarelli, At-Large Member
  • Erica Freudenberger, FLS Rep
  • Kim Hazen, YSS Rep
  • AnnaLee Dragon, Ex-Officio
  • C Romeo, Ex-Officio