Conference Ambassadors Committee


Chaired by the Conference Chair, the Conference Program Committee shall develop and arrange individual Section, Roundtable, and Affiliate conference programs and contribute to the development of overall conference programming.  


The chair is the NYLA President. Each Section and Roundtable shall appoint a representative to serve on the committee for a renewable one-year term, with start and end dates coinciding with the Annual Conference.

2024 Conference Ambassadors Committee

Lisa Kropp, Chair/President
Debra Armbruster, ENYSLMA Rep
Barron Bangell, PCRT Rep
Jai Blackburn, ASLS Rep
Jean Currie, LTAS Rep
Tracy Dunstan, CLWCRT Rep
Taina Evans, NYBLC Rep
Annarose Foley, SSL/SLST-EAST Rep
Nate Heyer, IDEAS Rep
Erin Kanelos, LAMS Rep
Jennifer Lelinski, YSS Rep
Christopher Lund, FLS Rep
Frank McKenna, IFRT Rep
AnnaLee Dragon, Ex-Officio
Lauren Hoyt, Ex-Officio
C Romeo, Ex-Officio