NYLA Awards & Recognition Committee


The Awards & Recognition Committee is responsible for the promotion, coordination, and administration of NYLA’s awards.  Additionally, the committee seeks opportunities to advance NYLA, and Units via awards offered by other organizations. The Committee will promote and recruit nominations for awards on an ongoing basis and may bring forward nominees for any award.  Annually, the committee will review the criteria for all awards to ensure they are current and in alignment with the goals for each award. Nominations will be retained for 2 years after their original year of submission. Names of nominees must be presented to and approved by the NYLA Council.  In addition, the Committee shall monitor and nominate NYLA members or Sections for awards presented by other professional organizations. The Committee shall also publicize all NYLA awards and shall assist in planning the presentation of all awards as appropriate.


The chair is appointed by the NYLA President-Elect for a one-year term.  The NYLA President-Elect also appoints two at-large members who serve for a three-year term.  Each Section shall appoint a representative to serve on the committee for a renewable one-year term.  All appointments shall start and end in conjunction with the Annual Conference.

2024 Committee Roster

Joyce Laiosa, Chair/FLS Rep
Julia Corrice, ASLS Rep
Karie Doelger, SSL Rep
Lyla Grils, At-Large Member
Melissa Jacobs, At-Large Member
Lisa Kropp, President
Kat Savage, IDEAS Rep
Tim Spindler, President-Elect
AnnaLee Dragon, Ex-Officio
C Romeo, Ex-Officio