Library Trustees Association Section (LTAS)

Our Mission

Library Trustees Association, (LTAS), is a section of the New York Library Association (NYLA) that represents, assists, educates, and honors public library boards and their trustees as providers of universal library service. 

Our Board
Our Publications
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Our Core Activities Include:

  • Advocating support of libraries and their programs;
  • Communicating with library trustees to inform them of issues affecting libraries and library service;
  • Recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of library trustees
  • Educating trustees about their role in the library

LTAS Represents Public Library Trustees 

We advocate the support of public libraries and their programs. Library Trustees Association Section, (LTAS), is the voice in Albany of trustee volunteers who make public library service possible. We bring the concerns of public library trustees to state leaders, and we participate in the formulation of public library policy.

We communicate with library trustees on issues affecting libraries and library services. LTAS publishes a quarterly newsletter, TRUSTEE, which is sent to all members and is circulated in the library community. We maintain an e-mail address and an active online presence.

We educate trustees about their role in the library. In cooperation with the Public Library System Directors Association and the New York State Library, LTAS has revised the Handbook for Library Trustees of New York State in 2018, the basic reference for library trustees.

Why Join the LTAS, Section of NYLA?

When you or your library joins LTAS, each trustee receives a year’s subscription to TRUSTEE, our newsletter, along with occasional updates or notices of LTAS events. 

Most importantly, you’ll become an active partner in the ongoing effort to strengthen and improve library service throughout the state. We need the participation of every library and library system in the state.