NYLA Unit Treasurers Resource Page

This page provides resources to those serving in the role of treasurer for any NYLA Section or Round Table.

Deposit Form
Use the Deposit Form to accompany any funds submitted by mail to NYLA to ensure they are credited correctly.

Reimbursement/Disbursement Request Form
Use this form to request the distribution of Unit funds - for reimbursements to an individual who has incurred an expense on behalf of the unit, or for disbursement s of funds to a vendor in payment for goods or services.

NYLA Unit Chart of Accounts
This document provides an overview to the accounting codes that NYLA uses to track all income and expenses.

Monthly Reconciliation Template

This Excel sheet provides you with a template to track the current balance of your group's treasurery.

  1. Enter Unit Name in cell B2    
  2. Enter starting balance (received from NYLA) in cell C5    
  3. Enter Unit's monthly Net Income in the corresponding NET for Month cell (green column).    

Note - This is the bottom number of the left-hand column on your monthly Financial Statement.    
If the number is negative you MUST include the negative sign when entering the number here.    
The sheet will calculate your running balance throughout the fiscal year.  Need help? finance@nyla.org

Orientation Video


Unit monthly financial statements are disbursed not before the 15th of the following month. (e.g October statement distributed after November 15th)


Questions? Contact finance@nyla.org or 518-432-6952 Ext 104