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When is it?
What can I do?
And why bother?!?

When is Take Your Child to the Library Day (TYCttLD)?
TYCttLD is the 1st Saturday in February.

When and how did TYCttLD begin?
Nadine Lipman, the retired Head of Children's Services at the Waterford (CT) Public Library, came up with the idea for TYCttLD. TYCttLD was first held in 2012, but [thanks to listservs!] librarians across the country began to join in for TYCttLD 2013.

Why should you participate in TYCttLD?
Regardless of population or economic status, your library serves children in your community. Take advantage of the positive PR this nation-wide celebration provides as you do more of what you already do so well!

What can you do to celebrate TYCttLD?
The possibilities are pretty much endless. Many libraries opt to have a special event, but you can simply highlight a program that you already do – or even just show off your library space. No matter your budget or staffing, there are many ways for your library to participate. And don't forget that you can Hold a Signing of the 'Declaration to the Right to Libraries!'

Oh, the Possibilities!

Not sure what you can do for TYCttLD? Here are some programs/activities you could try!

Author visit
Invite a local author [or a few!] to read to kids and/or to have an author meet & greet.

Book character visit
Rent an elaborate costume or create your own at home.

Have a bookmark design contest or set up a DIY bookmark station in the Children’s Area.

Play board games, do Book BINGO, or set up a video game system… No matter the type of gaming, you’re likely to score big points with intergenerational gaming programs!

Order a cake. Bake some cookies. Put together a fruit and/or vegetable platter. Invite the Friends of the Library to have a bake sale... We all know, “If you feed them, they will come!”

Patrons can be very generous if you announce you’re seeking LEGO donations! Clean LEGOs, store them in bins, and schedule a “LEGO Club Meeting” where kids can free-build. Post some pictures via social media and/or display their creations in the library after they’re done.

Clean out leftover summer reading incentives, donated books, and book-related swag that you’ve collected at conferences.

Library Card Sign-Up
Encourage parents/guardians to get children their own library cards during this celebration.

Make & Take Crafts
Purchase supplies to create specific crafts, or use this as a chance to clean out the dregs of your craft supplies closet/bin!

Museum Visits
Host a museum visit to encourage Common Core/STEM learning and to announce the SRP theme. Use this as an opportunity to build or strengthen museum partnerships!

Roving performers like clowns and magicians are great if you don’t have a meeting room, but family concerts, jugglers, magic shows, and ventriloquists can bring in large groups if you have the space available.

Reading Dog Visit
Certified therapy dogs are good non-judgmental listeners for kids who are learning to read!

Scavenger Hunt
Print copies of the official TYCttLD bunnies and hide them around your library. Hand out clue sheets and encourage families to try to find all the bunnies. Offer prizes to families who finish.

Family storytimes (all ages) are a great way to celebrate TYCttLD, and Saturday storytimes can help accommodate working parents throughout the year. This is an excellent opportunity to try having a Saturday storytime if you haven’t yet!



Take Your Child to the Library Day in 6 Easy Steps:

1. Decide where you’re celebrating.
Meeting room? Children’s Area?Don’t forget to book your space!

2. Plan your celebration.
Are you doing your own event? Hiring a performer? Both?

3. Arrange for goodies!

4. Advertise – via press releases, on social media, announcements at YS programs, in your newsletter, and with in-house posters.

5. Register with the TYCttLD blog

6. Download materials
Downloadable graphics are housed here on the Connecticut Library Consortium site: CT Library Consortium
Promotional Flier (PDF)
Promotional Poster (PDF)
Post Card for use on TYCttLD - 'My family goes to the Library because we' (PDF)
Post Card for use on TYCttLD - 'Today at the Library' (PDF)


TYCttLD Resources

CT Library Consortium
TYCttLD history, press releases, official logos, acceptable use guidelines, and resources like the TYCttLD blog and Facebook page.

Order official TYCttLD bookmarks & posters.

NYS Performer Database
Choose your region & search by category or keyword for performer contact information, program descriptions, and prices.

Find activities via keyword search and then “pin” ideas to your virtual bulletin boards to go back to later.


For more information contact the YSS President