NYLA/SSL Strategic Vision – February 2018

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This is to be reviewed by the Board annually and used to focus our organizational work throughout the year. This document is not static, but will be altered as conditions change.



NYLA/SSL empowers certified school librarians to transform teaching and learning.


NYLA/SSL will advance its mission in partnership and collaboration with school librarians, SLSA, NYSED, NYSCEA, NYLA, ALA, AASL, YSS, and other educational organizations.

NYLA/SSL is committed to these guiding principles:

1. NYLA/SSL advocates for the school library community.

2. NYLA/SSL advances excellence in New York school library programs.

3. NYLA/SSL supports and enhances member engagement in the profession.


I. NYLA/SSL advocates for the school library community

- Introduce, support, and advance legislation that impacts school libraries and their funding. Support the introduction and advancement of legislation that impacts school libraries and their funding.

- Assert the position of school library programs as an essential part of each student’s education.

- Communicate the value of collaboration between certified school librarians with educational partners for improvement of student learning outcomes.

- Communicate the educational impact of school library programs.

- Encourage the entire school community to be advocates for their school library program.

- Promote equitable access to information and technology through school library programs.

- Develop a comprehensive messaging strategy for use by the school library community in support of these initiatives.

- Communicate and encourage the importance of professional development for librarians to engage in diverse opportunities for growth.


Advocacy Goals

1. Advance state and national legislation (via ALA) requiring a full-time, certified school librarian in all schools (expand current legislation to include elementary schools).

2. Increase categorical aid for library materials as well as advocating for alternative aid sources such as textbook funds, in cooperation with NYLA Legislative Committee.

3. Increase communication and participation by SSL members through an advocacy and communication calendar and up-to-date templates and toolkits.

4. Encourage participation in NYLA’s Advocacy Day and Virtual Advocacy Day.

5. Promote members’ successes in a variety of professional publications and empower others to be actively engaged.


II. NYLA/SSL advances excellence in New York School Library Programs

- Promote and deliver quality professional development through local and state organizations such as the regional affiliates and NYLA, as well as promote quality professional development through national organizations such as ALA and AASL.

- Provide opportunities for the development of school leaders through the SSL Leadership Institute.

- Recognize best practices.


Excellence Goals

1. Improve effectiveness of NYLA/SSL’s professional development and continuing education activities through an evaluation process.

2. Communicate opportunities for partnerships and/or collaboration to increase student educational opportunities.

3. Increase recognition of best practices through participation in NYLA/SSL and NYLA awards process.

4. Provide a forum for sharing best practices through our communication channels.

5. Promote the use of a unified professional development and continuing education calendar for NYLA/SSL and our related organizations’ events.

6. Provide opportunities to encourage the sustainability of school library programs.

7. Identify opportunities for partnerships to encourage diversity and equality.


III. NYLA/SSL enhances membership and member engagement

- Strengthen our network of Regional Affiliates.

- Create leadership opportunities through participation in committees, conferences, and other activities.

- Share information with SSL members through a variety of communication channels.

- Provide volunteer opportunities.

- Strengthen partnerships with New York State library schools and iSchools.


 Membership and Member Engagement Goals

1. Recreate the Affiliate Assembly at our annual conference.

2. Promote avenues of communications such as our website, e-newsletter, and social media.

3. Encourage School Library Systems to join NYLA as Institutional Members, reducing the cost of NYLA memberships to their constituent school librarians.

4. Encourage Affiliates to explore the option of becoming Round Tables within NYLA’s organization.

5. Encourage members to participate in professional development opportunities.

6. Cultivate a diverse and robust SSL membership via recruitment and retention activities.


Approved by NYLA/SSL Board January 31, 2016
Approved by NYLA/SSL Board February 12, 2017
Approved by NYLA/SSL Board February 28, 2018