Join the Library Trustees Association Section (LTAS)

The Library Trustees Association (LTA) is now a Section of NYLA; we are excited about this transition from a stand-alone organization into the NYLA structure, which has changed most of the ways we do things! 

One major change is how we re-build our membership, and this is where we hope you and your library will help us. 

Library trustees can become members of LTAS in one of two ways:

  • As an individual
  • As an organization
    • Your library joins NYLA as an organizational member and includes the 'LTA Rider' based on your budget, all trustees becoming members of NYLA and LTA!
    • If your library is already a NYLA organizational member; simply add the ‘LTA Rider’ based on your budget, all the trustees become members of NYLA and LTA!

What are the benefits? 

The trustees become voting members of NYLA with all the benefits other NYLA members receive.  In addition, they will receive LTAS services:  a newsletter, continuing education activities specific to library trusteeship, participation in advocacy efforts for libraries (and their systems!), access to advice from trusted legal authorities, and the ability to talk in person or virtually with their trustee peers around the state.  Check out

Your trustees may have previously been members of LTA, but to receive any benefits now, must renew under one of the above mechanisms.  The best time to add the ‘LTA rider’ to your membership is during your NYLA renewal process, as the dues term (expiration date) for the ‘LTA rider’ will coincide with your NYLA expiration date.


The "LTA Dues Rider"

In order to support the ongoing activities of the Library Trustees Association Section (LTAS), NYLA has adopted a new dues rider as an optional addition to libraries purchasing organizational memberships. 

Under this model, libraries that are organizational members have the opportunity to add LTA membership for all of their trustees to their dues order at a flat rate – based on their libraries' operational budget. This rider confers full NYLA-LTA membership on all trustees of the library and functions as a rider on top of NYLA organizational membership.


Library Budget Dues Rate LTA Dues Rider
$1K - $50K $50 $10
$50K - $100K $75 $20
$100K - $500K $150 $30
$500K - $1M $300 $75
$1M - $3M $600 $150
$3M - $10M $1250 $300
$10M + $2500 $600

Note the total dues for an library would be the approriates dues rate based on the library's budget PLUS the LTA dues rider.
(e.g. For a library with a budget of $100K-$500K, the rate would be $180 ($150 for organizational dues + $30 for the LTA rider)

Members of LTA will receive the LTA newsletter and will have access to discounts at NYLA and LTA events.



To join via the LTA Rider or to add the LTA rider to your library's organizational membership, you must create and log-in using an organziational log-in.

As has been the case for over ten years, libraries participating in NYLA as organizational members are eligible to register their trustees as non-voting members of NYLA for no additional charge; this practice remains unchanged. These ‘complimentary’ trustee membership DO NOT receive the LTA newsletter, are NOT eligible to vote, and do NOT received registration discounts..