Last month, NYLA’s Legislative Committee met to discuss advocacy in 2021 and our initiatives for 2022.

As we approach the second year of this Legislative Session, much will remain the same. Our community will continue to have opportunities to engage with legislators on issues that impact them directly, both in the immediate and in the future. We will “lean in” to our allies on the Senate and Assembly Libraries Committees to leverage our voices through meetings, events, and hearings. We will also continue to advocate for increased funding for the Library Aid Program, Library Construction Program, and other initiatives that provide stable, reliable funding.

Many faces will remain the same within the walls of the Capitol and Legislative Office Building, while others have and will continue to change. With a new Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and surrounding administration, our community has an opportunity to reach a new audience. The potential to gain new allies within the Executive Chamber is thrilling but, will take work. Our messaging will require a shift - which I am eager to develop with the assistance of our community.

Lastly, the way in which we meet will be familiar and yet, different. Expect opportunities to engage both in-person and virtually. This hybrid model is necessary but certainly, will provide challenges to those organizing meetings.

2022 will be one of the expanded networks, coalitions formed, relationships strengthened and voices leveraged. We accomplished a great deal in 2021 and I am eager to see what is ahead for the library community.

To keep an eye on the future, check out the NYLA Advocacy subpages.