#NYLA2020 Virtual Trade Show Strengthening Our Core Location: Wherever You Are | When: Nov 5th-6th

Virtual Trade Show Hours

Thursday, November 5 | 10AM –4PM

Friday, November 6 | 9AM – 4PM


Virtual Booth Prices

Booth Price
The All-"Access" Virtual Booth Package (Deadline: October 31st) $250
Democracy & Diversity Sponsor (Deadline: October 30th) $450
Intellectual Freedom Sponsor CLOSED $650
The Public Good Sponsor CLOSED $850
Sustainability Sponsor CLOSED $1050


What Are The Digital Advertising and General Perks With Each Package? 

Please Note: Some deadlines have shifted over the course of two months, please note that all deadline extensions have been updated throughout the website. 


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Trade Show Terms & Conditions

NYLA 2020 Conference & Trade Show Decision Timeline

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Virtual Trade Show FAQ


Question 1: When is the start and end dates of the 2020 NYLA Annual Conference & Trade Show?

Answer: Both the Conference and Trade Show is Thursday, November 5th, and Friday, November 6th. The Conference will be from 9AM – 5:30PM on Thursday and from 8AM – 430PM on Friday. The Trade Show portion will be from 10AM – 4PM on Thursday and from 9AM – 4PM on Friday. 


Question 2: Is the 2020 NYLA Annual Conference & Trade Show live or pre-recorded?

Answer: It is a combination of both! We will have around 40 pre-recorded sessions throughout the conference and 4 live sessions or keynote speakers. 


Question 4: We decided to go ahead and purchase a digital booth. Who creates the booth? When are the deadlines to send logos, artwork, digital handouts, company descriptions, etcera? 

Answer: You’re speaking to the creator of the digital booth. We are utilizing PheedLoop as our virtual conference and trade show software. The deadline to submit the following materials for ALL exhibitors is October 31st, 2020.

However, the sooner you submit these materials to me, the sooner I can utilize your company for our marketing and communications collateral given the package you selected. There are other deadlines associated with each tier that was laid out in each booth package. 


Question 5: Do you have a list of vendors and their descriptions who have agreed to participate? 

Answer: We will have a constantly evolving list available here for vendors to see who else has registered for the trade show. This does not include bios since when vendors register, they don’t always submit a description immediately. 

Closer to October 31st, we will have a completed digital pamphlet that will include all companies, their bios, logos, and contact descriptions for our digital Conference & Trade Show pamphlet. So, please stay tuned!


Question 6: What is the link to the website with the 2020 NYLA Virtual Conference & Trade Show information?

Answer: You can find all details regarding the 2020 NYLA Virtual Conference & Trade Show here


Question 7: As an exhibitor, when will we receive an attendees list?

Answer: We will provide an attendee list with analytics of your particular booth performance at least two weeks after the conference.  Please note we will NOT be providing email addresses or any other contact information for those who attended the conference. 

For more information, please contact Christina at NYLA Marketing at (518) 432-6952 ext. 105!