NYLA Round Tables: Reflecting Your Interests

Round tables cover a host of library issues and provide members with a place to share common interests and educate colleagues through conference programs and other gatherings. With generally fewer than 150 members, round tables offer you a chance for leadership. Each round table membership is an additional $10.00. NYLA Members may join as many round tables as they choose.

Steps for Forming a New Round Table


CLWCRT - Coalition of Library Workers of Color Round Table
CORT - Correctional and Outreach Resource Team
ESRT- Ethnic Services Round Table
FILM- Finding Inspiration in Literature & Movies
GIRT - Government Information Round Table
IFRT - Intellectual Freedom Round Table
ILRT - Information Literacy Round Table
LAR - Library Access Round Table
LGBTQIART - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual/Ally Round Table
LHRT - Local History Round Table
MPRRT - Marketing & Public Relations Round Table
MSRT - Making and STEAM Round Table
NYBLC - New York Black Librarians' Caucus
PCRT - Pop Culture Round Table
RLRT - Rural Libraries Round Table
SRRT - Social Responsibilities Round Table
START- Sustainable Thinking & Action Round Table




SSL Regional Affiliates

The following regional affiliates of the Section of School Librarians (SSL) have incorporated their operations as NYLA Round Tables:

ENYSLMA - Eastern New York School Library Media Association

CNYSL - Central New York School Librarians

RASL - Rochester Area School Librarians

SLST - East - School Librarians of the Southern Tier - East


Interested in adding a Round Table to your existing NYLA membership?

To use the online process to add groups to your membership: Once logged in, click ‘personal record detail’ from the left-hand menu – then click on ‘Add Sections / Round Tables’ from the list of options.
The online order will be reviewed and the new Section / Round Table will be added to the membership.*

Please note: As of January 1, 2018 Round Tables are $10.

* Please note that the expiration date for any secondary groups that you join will be the same as your primary NYLA membership, regardless of the when during your dues term they are purchased.