Todd Schlitt
SCLA Chapter Councilor
Half Hollow Hills Communtiy Library

Get to Know Todd Schlitt

How did you first get involved with NYLA?
Through Suffolk County Library Association

What do you wish people knew about NYLA?
Many, many people think that the NYLA staff is much larger than it is. The amount of work, time, and dedication that the staff of SIX does is pretty remakable.

What is the best part of being on NYLA Council (or NYLA in general)?
Getting to know and work with other library professionals from around the state.

What do you do when you aren’t being a librarian?
I'm being a Dad and all things associated with being a Dad (good and bad).

What advice would you give to a librarian who is just starting out?
Network... regardless of how intraverted you think you are.

What is your favorite thing about your local library?
It's across the street from my house.

Coffee or Tea? Why?
Coffee...more caffeine.

Cats or Dogs? Why?
Dogs...cats suffocate babies in their sleep.

Cardigans - Yes or No? Why?
NO...dumb stereotype.

eBook or Print? Why?
Print...if I drop it, it wont break.

Dewey or LOC? Why? reason and probably could be converted.

And finally, the most important question....what is your favorite dessert?
Creme brulee