NYLA Council Election 2016

The ballot is will be open from June 15 - July 15, 2016

This year NYLA members elected:

  1. A President-Elect, who will serve from Nov. 2016 – Nov. 2017 and then as NYLA President from Nov. 2017 – Nov. 2018.
  2. Two Councilors at Large who will each serve from Nov. 2016 – Nov. 2019
  3. One ALA Chapter Councilor who will serve from Nov. 2016 – Nov. 2019


The Nominating Committee identified the following slate of candidates.

NYLA President Councilor-at-Large Councilor-at-Large ALA Chapter Councilor
Tim Burke
Lauren Comito
Sandra Echols
John Myers
Cece Fuoco
Jill Leinung
Matthew Bollerman
Jennifer Ferriss


Petition Candidates

NYLA welcomes petition candidates for office on the upcoming NYLA Council election ballot.
In order to secure a spot on the NYLA ballot, you must be a current NYLA member, submit a signed letter stating your acceptance of the nomination, and a petition of no fewer than 41* signatures of current NYLA members endorsing your candidacy.  A petition candidate’s materials must be received by the NYLA office no later than May 1.
* 41 represents 1% of the total NYLA membership as of 12-31-15.
Update: No petitions for NYLA office were received.

Section & Round Table Elections

Coinciding with the NYLA Council election, each of NYLA's Sections will be voting to elect officers.  An overview of the candidates can be found here. Details on the candidates for each Section election can be found on the Section's web pages.  When accessing the NYLA Council Ballot, all additional Section ballots that you are eligible to participate in will be displayed.  Also happening concurrently, the Suffolk County Library Association (SCLA) Ballot - click here for details.


Congratulations to our new council members!

President‐Elect (2016‐17) / President (2017‐18)

Tim Burke, Executive Director, Upper Hudson Library System

I truly believe that libraries have the power to change people’s lives every single day. I would like your support to become the next NYLA President so I can encourage libraries across New York State in their efforts to provide the information and connections that help their communities live, learn, and thrive.

I sincerely believe in NYLA's mission to lead, educate, and advocate for the advancement of the New York library community.  In my 30 + years as a librarian, I have held leadership positions in academic libraries, public libraries, and library systems.  This broad experience positions me to effectively represent the diverse needs of all our libraries. My demonstrated ability to successfully lead complex library organizations, my strong communication and problem solving skills, and my familiarity with the state's library infrastructure make me uniquely qualified for this important leadership position.

I know that I can make a real and positive difference as NYLA President.

I consider my involvement with the New York Library Association to be among the most professionally empowering and personally satisfying parts of my career.  I have served NYLA in a variety of roles, including NYLA Treasurer (2011-2015), Legislative Committee Vice Chair, Section President (LAMS), LAMS representative on NYLA Council, LAMS Board member, conference programmer, and program presenter.   Through these experiences I am very familiar with the challenges and opportunities currently facing the New York Library community.

I would very much welcome the opportunity to continue my service to the New York Library community as your President.
Thank you for participating in the NYLA elections.

Tim Burke Resume (PDF)

Councilor at Large (Academic) 2016-2019

Sandra Echols, Associate Dean, Gill Library @ the College of New Rochelle

Greetings! My name is Sandra Michele Echols, and I am a candidate for a three-year term as Councilor at Large for NYLA.

I was enthused to pursue this because of my role with the New York Black Librarian Caucus (NYBLC), as the current President. I believe this is a great opportunity for me at this juncture in my career. I recently, made the successful transition from public library administrator to the Assistant Dean at the College of New Rochelle.  I’ve been a joint ALA/ NYLA member for many years, and have presented at numerous conferences. I look at this as an opportunity to further my involvement, collaborate, and learn from other members of NYLA’s Council.

I am a native of Brooklyn, NY and my interest in human services and librarianship grew from my youth experiences, including working  as a summer youth counselor at Reach-Out Program, a youth mentoring program in East New York, and my employment as a page with the Brooklyn Public Library. I currently reside in Harlem with my three children, instilling in them the principles of community service and its impact on one’s life.  I enjoy living by the words of late activist Helen Keller: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

If elected, I look forward to this opportunity to serve NYLA and to learn more about NYLA's initiatives from a broader perspective.

Councilor at Large (School) 2016-2019

Jill Leinung, School Librarian, East Greenbush Central Schools

A strong school library program makes students become lifelong readers, thinkers and learners.  School libraries are or should be the center of the school with equal and open access to students and teachers alike.  Yet a school library is just a room full of books without a certified school librarian.    It has been my goal to see that all students have equal access to a school librarian through sitting on the NYLA Legislative Committee.  By participating on this committee and advocating for funding for all libraries and library systems I came to realize the connectivity that all types of libraries have with each other.  When the library community, led by NYLA, speaks with one voice, it strongly points out that libraries give our communities equal access to information and ensures our intellectual freedom to pursue knowledge.
I began working in my local public library when I was 14 years old and my passion for teaching and libraries has continued all of my working life.  As I retire from teaching I realize I do not want it to end.  I want to continue advocating for all libraries by serving on NYLA Council.

I am a school librarian at East Greenbush Central School District.  I have been actively involved with NYLA and SSL and AASL through Executive Board Leadership (President SSL 2015, NYLA Council, SSL Legislative Representative on NYLA Legislative Committee  2006- present)  I was honored by CASDA as a recipient of the 2007 School Librarian of the Year Award.

ALA Chapter Councilor 2016-2019

Jennifer Ferriss, Assistant Director and Community Liaison, Southern Adirondack Library System

Jennifer joined SALS back in May 2000 as the Head of Technical Services. Prior to her latest role as community organization/library matchmaker, she enthusiastically added Polaris ILS trainer, Youth Consultant and WordPress techie to her Tech Services title to help meet the needs of the 34 member libraries in her region. After being appointed as the Youth Consultant, Jennifer believed that working with the public would help strengthen her ability to advise and consult so she joined the youth services team at the Saratoga Springs Public Library (SSPL).  After 15 years of workshops, webinars and post-MLS training, Jennifer wanted to practice her “all ages” skills; SSPL allows her to work with the big kids at the public service desks every 4th Saturday.
NYLA and ALA have played a vital role in her growth as a professional librarian.  Since participating and graduating from NYLA’s Leadership and Management Academy in 2007, she has remained involved; most recently as a member of the Sustainability Initiative and chairing a taskforce for reviewing the current NYLA Leadership Manual. Jennifer has also participated in the annual conference on the Local Arrangements Committee, as the 2015 Conference Co-Chair and as a volunteer.

On a national level, Jennifer is a 2007 graduate of the 3rd PLA Results BootCamp and has attended all of the ALA-APA Certified Public Library Administration classes for post-MLS education.  In 2010 she presented at the PLA Annual Conference in Portland on using data to make decisions, something she relies on to balance what her heart and mind say.  Jennifer has been appointed to ALA committees since 2013 and is currently ending her terms for PLA Annual Conference Program Committee and the Leadership Development Committee this summer.  She is grateful to be considered to continue to represent New York State on ALA Council if elected.

At the end of 2014 Jennifer was promoted and given the opportunity to use her personal and professional networks, organizational skills, community building, perseverance and the power of gab in a newly created position. The icing on her gluten-free cake was being accepted into the competitive Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce’s non-profit Leadership program.  This program’s main focus was to build excellent non-profit board and community leaders.  This served as a foundation to accept a position on a statewide iLEAD USA team to develop a standardized trustee education framework. The Helping All Trustees Succeed (HATS) collaboration is being implemented later this year.

“I enjoy devoting my time to my profession and community.  Outside of my work at the system and public library I am a working board member for the Saratoga County Historical Society.  I continually educate myself so that I can be an informed and succinct citizen activist for sustainable growth and development in my community.  I try to be mindful and resourceful, efficient with my time and test my physical and mental endurance – my work ethic reflects my personal lifestyle. On weekends I can be found on the trails in my region as well as ruffling through old papers and postcards at a flea market or antique show. While enjoying the outdoors or old paper smell I continue to discuss libraries, history and museum services with those who share my pace and space. My work is never done, yet I find balance. ” –Jen