NYLA Continuing Education Committee Roster


The role of the NYLA Continuing Education (CE) Committee is to encourage professional development on an ongoing basis. The CE Committee will develop opportunities for personnel at all levels in all types of libraries to be provided at the Annual NYLA Conference, regionally across New York State, via remote technologies and other appropriate channels.  Collaboration within NYLA and with other state and national professional associations will be encouraged.


The Chair is appointed by the NYLA President-Elect for a one year term, from the end of the Annual Conference to the end of the following Annual Conference.  Each year, the NYLA President-Elect also appoints two at-large members who serve for a three year term, with start and end dates coinciding with the Annual Conference, for a total of six at-large members.  Each Section shall appoint a representative to serve on the committee for a renewable one-year term, with start and end dates coinciding with the Annual Conference.

NYLA Continuing Education Committee Roster

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NYLA CE Calendar

Thanks to the efforts of the 2015-2016 NYLA Continuing Education Committee (CEC), an online calendar has been established to serve as a listing for all library-related professional development opportunities.
This calendar is designed to distribute and promote programming, as well as to serve as a planning tool to avoid duplication of effort, and conflicts in scheduling.

In order for this tool to function, it is reliant upon content submissions.
NYLA is asking that all those who are responsible for organizing professional development activities to add submitting the details to this calendar to their production process.

Finding the calendar, and linking to it is easy:


(It is also linked to from the bottom of the events listing on the lower-right of the NYLA homepage.)

Adding your programs to the calendar is equally easy – Directions for Submitting an Event

One point of clarification – the calendar is intended to catalog professional development for those working in the library community – it is not intended for patron programs, or events targeted at the general public.

Thanks in advance to all those who help this endeavor succeed by submitting events, or sharing and promoting the calendar.