NYLA 2019 | Conference Programs

Wednesday, November 13

NYLA's Continuing Education Committee (CEC) coordinates the presentation of these in depth programs. Immerse yourself in a half or full day program that provides an opportunity to explore a topic in a way that is not possible in the standard conference program format.

Conference Programs by Date

Thursday, November 14 - Program Slots 1-2

Special Events:

  1. NYLA Annual Membership Meeting
  2. New to NYLA? Start Here!
  3. Uncovering Privilege & Addressing Microaggressions
  4. “Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope” (screening)
  5. PLS Author! Author!
  6. New Members of NYLA – Meet & Greet
  7. NYLA-Dewey Scholarship Fund Benefit Event
  8. NYLA After Dark

Friday, November 15 - Program Slots 3-6

Special Events:

  1. Skidmore and Back Again Fun-Run
  2. LAMS Leadership Luncheon
  3. RASS Noted Author Luncheon
  4. YSS Empire State Award Luncheon
  5. ASLS Presents: “Paywall: The Business of Scholarship” (a documentary)
  6. NYLA presents Battle Decks!
  7. NYLA Inaugural Banquet

Saturday, November 16 - Program Slots 7-8

Special Events:

  1. Intellectual Freedom for Breakfast


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