NYLA Affiliate Members

NYLA established an affiliate organization membership in recognition of the special groups in library-related fields that have formed outside the structure of NYLA that wish to maintain a close contact with the Association and take advtanage of its annual meetings as a gathering place for professional and allied library interests.

Groups seeking affiliation must be in compliance with the goals and objectives of NYLA.

Empire State Library Network (ESLN)

Enabling libraries to better serve their users through dynamic programs, innovative collaborations, and shared resources.
Contact us
Web: https://www.esln.org/

New York States Library Assistants' Association (NYSLAA)


NYSLAA is an organization whose roots began in 1977 at the first ever "library clerical conference" in New York State. From these humble beginnings, NYSLAA has grown as an independent organization, with close to 450 members. It is run by library assistants, for library assistants.

Contact: http://www.nyslaa.org/executive.html
Web: http://www.nyslaa.org/



Public Library Systems Directors Organization (PULISDO)

Twenty-three public library systems make up PULISDO.  NYLA is pleased to count each of the systems as organizational members.  A complete listing of public library system members can be found HERE.

Web: http://www.pulisdo.org/

School Library Systems Association of New York State (SLSA)

SLSA provides support to New York State School Library System Directors by promoting innovative school library media programs and professional growth through mentoring, networking opportunities, advocacy, professional development and consortium pricing.

SLSA Contacts
Web: http://www.slsa-nys.org/


Urban Librarians Unite


Urban Librarians Unite (ULU) is a professional group created to promote and support libraries, library staff, and librarianship in urban settings. Urban Librarian Unite facilitates dialog between libraries and library workers, encourages new developments in library science, and advocates for libraries and librarians in urban areas. The organization will accomplish this through trainings, networking events, information resources, advocacy, publications, and presentations. While ULU is principally focused on libraries in urban settings it recognizes all forms of librarianship with particular support for libraries at risk.

Web: http://urbanlibrariansunite.org/

NY Library Club

A network of area librarians and related professionals. It awards an annual scholarship to a library and information science graduate student in a local school’s program. Club events are held in various venues, bringing together members and colleagues to showcase the variety and unique characteristics of the libraries our city holds.

New York Library Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 3343
Church Street Station
New York, N.Y. 10008-3343
Email: membership@nylibraryclub.org
Web: http://nylibraryclub.org/

NY Council for the Humanities

The mission of the New York Council for the Humanities is to help all New Yorkers become thoughtful participants in our communities by promoting critical inquiry, cultural understanding, and civic engagement. Founded in 1975, the New York Council for the Humanities is the sole statewide proponent of public access to the humanities. The Council is a private 501(c)3 that receives Federal, State, and private funding.

150 Broadway, Suite 1700
New York, NY 10038
Phone: 212-233-1131
E-mail: nych@nyhumanities.org
Web: http://www.nyhumanities.org/