NYLA 2020 Group Registrations

Group Registration Form

In order to process a group registration, you must be logged in to the library’s NYLA account.
Each person you wish to include on the group order must be linked to the company (they will appear on your library’s person roster).


Step 1 Review/Select Registrants

After logging in, the first screen will instruct you to “Review/Select Registrants”.
Review the roster of those whom you wish to register.
If someone you wish to register does not appear on the list, click the “Add Person” button.
With the roster complete, then select each individual you wish to register.
Select ‘Continue’

Step 2 Select your Registration Fee

This page will display a confirmation of your attendees, and the appropriate registration rate for each.
You will have the opportunity to denote any special needs or notes for each attendee.
Select ‘Continue’

Step 3 Additional Items

This page provides the opportunity to make a donation to the NYLA Scholarship Fund in the name of each registrant. (optional)
Select ‘Continue’

Step 3 Registrant Order Details

This page provides your confirmation of the details of your order, and confirms or collects details on the organizational contact and shipping address.
Select ‘Continue’

Step 4 Billing Address

This page provides your confirmation of the billing address.
Note – if paying by credit card, the billing address and zip-code on this page must match those details on the credit card account.
Select ‘Continue’

Step 5 Payment Method*

The next page asks you to indicate how you will be paying for the order.
-    Credit Card or
-    Bill Later (Send a Check)  This option will provide you with an auto-generated invoice for your total due.

* The total due displayed DOES NOT reflect the group discount.  
If paying by credit card, your total will be adjusted before the transaction is completed, and you will receive a confirmation receipt that will display the discounted total charged.  
If paying by check, please do not process the auto-generated invoice (received within moments of submitting registration); you will be issued a corrected invoice reflective of the group discount.


Group Registration Form