NYLA 2020 Conference & Trade Show

Implementation Decision Timeline

The safety of our members, attendees, and hospitality workers that make the conference possible take priority.


What actions are underway?

We know that offering a ‘standard’ NYLA conference is not feasible, so please know that this option is not under consideration. Below are the options we are working towards at the moment. 


  • Offer a ‘hybrid’ event with a modified slate of programs and events taking place in-person, with an option to participate in select programs virtually.
  • Move the entire conference to a virtual format, similar to the ALA Annual event.

NYLA will make a final determination on the format for the 2020 Annual Conference (In-person/virtual hybrid OR completely Virtual Online) on:

August 1, 2020



Registration rates for any in-person model will be frozen at 2019 pricing.

Rates for virtual participation is being developed in consideration of the implementation costs.



The registration process will open on Monday, August 3.
Early-bird deadlines will be adjusted based on this modified timeline.



The feasibility of all conference special events (luncheons, tours, etc) are being examined and will be determined based on safety.


Trade Show:

The Annual Trade Show is also being examined for modifications.  Models for providing opportunities to interact virtually with vendor representatives are being explored.


Together with the Conference Curators, we are committed to producing an annual conference event that continues to meet the professional development needs of the New York library community, while maintaining the standards of quality of all NYLA events.  Thank you for your patience and fortitude during these tumultuous times.


Do you have any questions about the Conference? Email director@nyla.org.

Are you a vendor and have clarifying questions? Email marketing@nyla.org.