NYLA 2019 | Program Presentation Archive


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ASLS - Academic & Special Libraries Section

CORT - Correctional and Outreach Resource Team

ESLN - Empire State Library Network

ESRT - Ethnic Services Round Table

FLS - Friends of Libraries Section

IFRT - Intellectual Freedom Round Table

ILRT - Information Literacy Round Table

LAMS - Leadership and Management Section

LAR - Library Access Round Table

LC - Legislative Committee

LGBTQIART - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual/Ally Round Table

LHRT - Local History Round Table

LTA - Library Trustee Association

MPRRT - Marketing & Public Relations Round Table

MSRT - Making and STEAM Round Table

NMN - New Members of NYLA

NYBLC - New York Black Librarians Caucus

PCRT - Pop Culture Round Table

PLS - Public Libraries Section

PULISDO - Public Library Systems Director Organization

RASS - Reference and Adult Services Section

RLRT - Rural Libraries Round Table

SCLA - Suffolk County Library Association

SED/NYSL - State Education Department/New York State Library

SLSA - School Library System Association

SMART - Section on Management of Information Resources & Technology

SSL - Section of School Librarians

START - Sustainable Thinking & Action Round Table

ULU - Urban Librarians Unite

YSS -Youth Services Section