NYLA 2017 | NYLA Pre-Conference CE Workshops

NYLA’s Continuing Education Committee (CEC) coordinates the presentation of these in-depth programs.  Immerse yourself in a half or full day program that provides an opportunity to explore a topic in a way that is not possible in the standard conference program format.

CE-A: Faked Out?! Again?! A News Reader's Guide to Surviving "Fake News"

Sponsor: NYLA Continuing Education Committee (CEC)
Half Day AM: 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

“Fake news” and hoaxes are not new—just think of the yellow journalism of Pulitzer and Hearst in the late 1800s—but today’s  social media can greatly magnify their effects.  We saw this in the 2016 election, when sophisticated presentation of fake news on social media (by Macedonian teens and possibly the likes of the Russian government) drove traffic to “fake news” websites.  In fact, many believe that “fake news” is the biggest threat to democracy today.
This three-hour, interactive media literacy workshop addresses the challenges posed by “fake news,” emphasizing how to recognize it (research and evaluation) and what to do about it. We’ll start with a brief overview of its history within the context of the role that the news media and readers have in a democracy, then a discussion of current examples of “fake news” and characteristics, as well as interactive exercises.

Nancy Roberts, Thomas Palmer, and Elaine Salisbury are all well-versed in the topic of fake news, and they are colleagues in the University at Albany’s Journalism Program in the Department of Communication. Nancy’s professional research interests include the history of communication and journalism, literary aspects of journalism (especially the history of alternative periodicals), and magazine writing and editing. In addition to his extensive research, Thomas has over three decades of experience in news editing, photojournalism, picture editing, and design directing in the news industry. Elaine is a print journalist whose work has taken her abroad to the Middle East, Africa, Europe and throughout the United States. She has worked as an editor for the Associated Press and as a reporter for Reuters and published two narrative nonfiction books.

CE-B: Enhancing Library Services for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Youth

Sponsor: YSS
Half Day AM: 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Youth are now coming out at a younger age than ever before. Studies are showing that harassment, bullying, and intolerance are creating hostile environments for LGBTQ youth to learn and grow. In addition to discussing the identities and coming out process of LGBTQ young people, this training highlights the unique challenges they face and how to create more supportive environments for them to thrive. The library is in a prime position for be one of those supportive environments! With practical advice and tips for library services, learn how your library can be a welcoming and supportive place for LGBTQ young people and their families.

For 16 years, Lyndon Cudlitz has been providing training and technical assistance to schools, healthcare providers, businesses, and organizations seeking to enhance their services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer-identified individuals. Prior to returning to his independent work this year, Lyndon served for four years as the Director of Training & Education for an upstate LGBTQ center. Lyndon designed curriculum to support Capital Region libraries in creating safer and more relevant services for LGBTQ youth and families.

CE-C: Linked Data: the Building Blocks of the Semantic Web

Sponsor: ASLS
Half Day PM: 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Linked Data refers to a set of best practices for publishing and connecting structured data on the Web. The best way for librarians to understand is to think of Linked Data as MARC for the web. In the web environment, data can be interconnected to multiple sources, formats, and metadata. By aggregating linked data, it’s possible to gain insight to the context and meaning of the data. The concept of linked data is to make the human interpretation of the data machine readable. Examples of linked data include the US data.gov site, OCLC Virtual International Authority File, and microformats.  This workshop will include:

  1. an overview of linked data
  2. practical applications
  3. changes in scholarly impact and metadata for scholarship
  4. hands-on exercises to demonstrate linked data.

Participants are asked to bring a laptop for hands-on practice with linked data. We will move back and forth between informational lecture and hands-on activities to gradually work our way to understanding Linked Data and its applications.

Ken Fujiuchi
is the Head of Information Commons and Emerging Technology Librarian in the E. H. Butler Library at SUNY Buffalo State College. Ken holds a Master's in Library Science from the University at Buffalo. His research interests include information literacy, augmented reality, social media, and other emerging technologies.

CE-D: Fiduciary Practices for Nonprofit Organizations

Sponsor: FLS
Half Day PM: 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM

What forms must be filed with the IRS? What are the restrictions for fundraisers? Looking for those elusive answers to nonprofit financial questions? Accountants from the John C. Parcell IV Accounting Firm will discuss the duties of board members to appropriately administer the financial aspects of a nonprofit, both for Friends organizations and public libraries. Some Friends have nearly jeopardized their nonprofit status by failing to meet regulations that govern charity operations. If you are unsure of how to be compliant and properly manage your group’s or library’s assets, our speakers will provide advice on how to implement policies needed by the Nonprofit Revitalization Act of 2013, procedures for acknowledging donations, and financial reporting practices for 501(c)(3) organizations. How should the organization handle sales tax? What are the rules concerning audits? John C. Parcell IV, CPA, CFE and Nathan Wray will answer these and other accounting questions.

John C. Parcell IV is a Certified Public Accountant and owner of John C. Parcell Accounting Firm in Canton, which offers a comprehensive range of accounting services including auditing, bookkeeping, QuickBooks ® training, tax preparation, small business start-up, strategic tax planning, and consulting. They assist commercial businesses, healthcare organizations, nonprofits, and individuals. John serves as an internal auditor for the Potsdam Public Library. John received his Associate’s Degree in Accounting from SUNY College ofTechnology at Canton in 1992 and his BS in Accounting from Clarkson University in 1994. He has been licensed as a Certified Fraud Examiner since December 2004.


Nathan Wray been practicing Audit and Accounting with the firm for four years as a staff accountant. Nathan received his Associate’s Degree in Accounting from SUNY Canton College in 2010, his BS in Finance from SUNY Canton in 2013, and is currently working on acquiring his CPA license. Many of the audits that Nathan performs are in the nonprofit sector.



CE-E: Social MediAhhh!

Sponsor: PLS
Half Day PM: 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM

We all know that an engaging social media presence is a must for libraries in 2017, but how do we make it happen? Learn the what, how, and "whoa!" of social media management in this hands-on workshop that covers what works, what doesn’t, and the tools to make your library’s social media presence awesome! Topics include learning your demographic, using social media insights, better practices for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, creating graphics and hashtags, using paid ads, responding to public comments, getting the word out about your social media platforms, and so much more.

Dana Willbanks with a degree in Humanistic Women’s Studies from McGill University and a certificate in Marketing Strategy from Cornell University, Dana has always gravitated towards nonprofit marketing work. She currently works as a Public Information Specialist at the Albany Public Library where, despite not actually being a librarian, she feels right at home.



Doug Bixler has been managing Design and Communications for the Schenectady County Public Library for two years. He tackled the ambitious goal of rebranding SCPL in order to unite all nine branches under one cohesive identity, bringing a new understanding of patron relations through library marketing.



NYLA Leadership & Management Academy Program

This program is offered a part of the NYLA L&MA.  A separate program application and registration fee apply.

Human Resources
Full Day 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Issues relating to personnel, benefits, employment law, civil service basics and more.