Natalie Hurteau

Candidate for Councilor-at-Large (Representing a Public Library) (2021-24)

Adult and Outreach Services Manager, Upper Hudson Library System

I am excited and honored to be nominated for election to the NYLA 2021 Public Library Councilor-at-Large position.   I know public libraries from nearly every possible angle. Since I currently serve as the Upper Hudson Library System (UHLS) Adult Services & Outreach Manager under Tim Burke, I know systems. I know management since I’ve been Director of both the Brunswick Community Library and the Grafton Community Library simultaneously. I know Boards, since I’ve served as a Trustee of the Altamont Free Library and the UHLS , while in library school. I have worked as a Youth Services Librarian, a clerk, a Friend, and a volunteer. I am very passionate about advancing our profession and have served on many committees and boards within NYLA, PLS, FLS, and UHLS and I am a graduate of the NYLA Leadership Academy.

In short, I have worked in nearly every type of job that public libraries offer, and now I want to work for you.  Given the breadth of my experience, I believe I would be a great advocate for the personal wellbeing of library workers. I am profoundly concerned about the toll that the pandemic has taken on our library communities and as a member of the NYLA Council, I will be a strong voice for the concerns of library frontline workers.

I encourage you to contact me at with your ideas.  In short, whether you vote for me or any other candidate, VOTE.  Your vote allows you a voice, and I hear you.

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