The New York Library Association is pleased to announce a new program to help members get control of their energy costs, a principal factor in budgets throughout our systems.  NYLA has joined forces with the Municipal Electric and Gas Alliance, an established non-profit public procurement organization that arranges electricity, natural gas and other energy services for more than 275 local governments and public agencies statewide.  With NYLA’s program through MEGA, members will get the best pricing in the marketplace, expert consulting support, and reliable suppliers who have won competitive public procurements.

MEGA’s energy supply programs offer libraries a choice between stabilized or variable pricing, and the length of such agreements can be chosen by each customer.  There is no “subscription” fee for a district to participate in MEGA.  Customers pay only for the energy they use, at the price agreed to.  MEGA’s expenses are supported from a stipulated fee specified in the competitive bids and paid by the energy suppliers. MEGA’s electricity and natural gas supply programs were arranged through public bidding pursuant to New York State guidelines.

If you are interested in working with MEGA, please fill out a Participation Authorization form!

Submitting the Participation Authorization form in no way obligates you to contract for electricity or natural gas through MEGA. It will simply generate a pricing proposal for you to consider.



Contact Danielle McMullen, Your New York Library Association Energy Consultant, at 518-580-9244