Legislative Committee

Committee Members

Legislative CommitteeMembers
Total Members: 35

Last Name First Name Role Term End Date Company Phone Email
Alberts Samantha SCLA Rep 11/1/2018 Suffolk Cooperative Library System 631-286-1600 x 1352 samantha@suffolknet.org
Bachman Steven SMART Rep 11/1/2018 Four County Library System 607-723-8236 sbachman@4cls.org
Bonan Michele Ex-Officio 11/1/2018 Brooklyn Public Library - Gov't Affairs 718-230-2091 MBonan@bklynlibrary.org
Cannell Jennifer SLSA Rep 11/1/2018 Capital Region Boces SLS 518-464-5102 jen.cannell@neric.org
Chung Jonathan Ex-Officio 11/1/2018 Queens Library 718-990-8585 JChung@queenslibrary.org
Comito Lauren LAMS Rep 11/1/2018 Queens Library 646-662-6209 librariancrafter@gmail.com
Desch Carol ExOfficio 00/00/00 NYSL - New York State Library 518-474-7196 carol.desch@nysed.gov
Dorado Kelsey Member 00/00/00 New York Library Association (518) marketing@nyla.org
Fellows Mary YSS Rep 11/1/2018 Upper Hudson Library System 518-437-9880x228 mary@uhls.lib.ny.us
Guthrie Cassie At-Large Member 11/1/2020 Greece Public Library 585-225-8951 cassie.guthrie@libraryweb.org
Hammond John At-Large Member 11/1/2018 315-265-1119 john@nnyln.org
Hubbs Dan PLS Rep 11/1/2018 Saratoga Springs Public Library 518-584-7860 dhubbs@sals.edu
Hubsher Robert ExOfficio 00/00/00 Ramapo Catskill Library System 845-243-3747 rhubsher@rcls.org
Johannesen Jeremy Ex-Officio 00/00/00 New York Library Association 518-432-6952x104 director@nyla.org
Johns Sara At-Large Member 11/1/2019 518-569-2339 skjohns@gmail.com
Killian Tessa At-Large Member 11/1/2020 Southeastern NY Library Resources Council 845-883-9065 killian@senylrc.org
Kopel Matthew ASLS Rep 11/1/2018 Cornell University 614-465-6735 mkopel@gmail.com
Leinung Jill SSL Rep 11/1/2018 Questar III SLS 518-758-1648 mfleinung@gmail.com
McCarthy John Ex-Officio 11/1/2018 Bethlehem Public Library 518-446-9505 drgern@gmail.com
Mihaltses George Ex-Officio 00/00/00 New York Public Library 212-930-0051 georgemihaltses@nypl.org
Moore Lauren At-Large Member 11/1/2019 Pioneer Library System 585-394-8260 x106 lmoore@pls-net.org
Neppl Mike Ex-Officio 00/00/00 New York Library Association (518) advocate@nyla.org
Osterhout Laura ESLN Rep 11/1/2018 Rochester Regional Library Council 585-223-7570 losterhout@rrlc.org
Post Libby ExOfficio 00/00/00 Communication Services 518-438-2826 lpost@commservices.net
Powell Lois ExOfficio 00/00/00 New York Library Association 518-432-6952x104 membership@nyla.org
Probeyahn Carol Ex-Officio 11/1/2018 East Meadow Public Library 516-794-2570x555 director@eastmeadow.info
Sagaas Christopher RASS Rep 11/1/2018 Utica Public Library (315) 735-2279 x202 csagaas@uticapubliclibrary.org
Sheviak Jean FLS Rep 11/1/2018 518-477-6110 jksheviak@gmail.com
Smith Aldrich Rebekkah Chairperson 11/1/2018 Mid-Hudson Library System 845.471.6060 x239 rsmith@midhudson.org
Stripling Barbara Immediate Past President 11/1/2018 Syracuse University School of Information Studies (iSchool) 215-247-2392 bstripli@syr.edu
Verbesey Kevin PULISDO Rep 11/1/2018 Suffolk Cooperative Library System 631-286-1600 x1304 kevin@suffolknet.org
Wendell Diana At-Large Member 11/1/2018 Orange-Ulster BOCES School Library System 845-781-4363 x10743 diana.wendell@ouboces.org

* Note: Some roles may not be viewable online.