NYLA Council

Committee Members

NYLA CouncilMembers
Total Members: 23

Last Name First Name Role Term End Date Company Phone Email
Clemons Jessica ASLS Rep 11/1/2018 University at Buffalo, Dept. of Library & Information Studies 315-470-6724 clemonsj@buffalo.edu
DiCarlo Deanna PLS Rep 11/1/2018 Upper Hudson Library System (518) 437-9880 x 225 deanna.dicarlo@uhls.lib.ny.us
Dorado Kelsey Member 00/00/00 New York Library Association (518) marketing@nyla.org
Echols Sandra Councilor-at-Large 11/1/2019 College of New Rochelle Library 646-706-8770 sandraechols@gmail.com
Ferriss Jennifer Councilor-at-Large 11/1/2019 Saratoga Springs Public Library 518-584-7860 jferriss@sals.edu
Fuss Rebecca FLS Rep 11/1/2018 Friends & Foundation of the Rochester Public Library 585-428-8323 rebecca.fuss@libraryweb.org
Giraldo AnnaLee LAMS Rep 11/1/2018 Kinderhook Memorial Library 518-758-6192 annalee.giraldo@gmail.com
Guthrie Cassie Treasurer 11/1/2019 Greece Public Library 585-225-8951 cassie.guthrie@libraryweb.org
Johannesen Jeremy Ex-Officio 00/00/00 New York Library Association 518-432-6952x104 director@nyla.org
Lasda Elaine Councilor-at-Large 11/1/2018 University at Albany Libraries 518-442-3695 elasda@albany.edu
Leinung Jill Councilor-at-Large 11/1/2019 Questar III SLS 518-758-1648 mfleinung@gmail.com
Moore Lauren At-Large Member 11/1/2020 Pioneer Library System 585-394-8260 x106 lmoore@pls-net.org
Osterhout Laura SMART Rep 11/1/2018 Rochester Regional Library Council 585-223-7570 losterhout@rrlc.org
Panter Laura YSS Rep 11/1/2018 Sachem Public Library 516-991-6722 laura.panter@sachemlibrary.org
Rattner Stacey At-Large Member 11/1/2020 Questar III SLS 518-281-0117 srattner@schodack.k12.ny.us
Reyes Roger Treasurer-Elect 11/1/2019 Suffolk Cooperative Library System 631-286-1600 x 1308 roger@suffolknet.org
Schlitt Todd SCLA Rep 11/1/2018 Half Hollow Hills Communtiy Library 631-421-4530 tschlitt@hhhlibrary.org
Schult Julia RASS Rep 11/1/2018 Baldwinsville Public Library 315-635-5631 jschult@gmail.com
Stripling Barbara Immediate Past President 11/1/2018 215-247-2392 bstripli@syr.edu
Sweeney Penny SSL Rep 11/1/2018 LCSD 315-935-0101 psweeney@liverpool.k12.ny.us
Young Michelle Vice President 11/1/2018 Clarkson University Libraries 315-268-4268 myoung@clarkson.edu

* Note: Some roles may not be viewable online.