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A Book on Every Bed

by Chrissie Morrison, YSS President

I am well known for giving books as gifts to all of the children in my life, but the 2013 YSS Spring Conference keynote address, given by Amy Dickinson [author of The Mighty Queens of Freeville: A Mother, A Daughter and the People Who Raised Them], inspired me to start a new family tradition this year.  When she spoke to us about her project, “A Book on Every Bed,” I just knew I had to participate.  So, what is this project all about?  First, I feel compelled to explain that her idea was actually inspired by an interview of Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David McCullough. McCollough told of a Christmas tradition in his family where Santa left a book at the foot of each child’s bed so they would have a gift to open as soon as they awoke.  Dickinson is doing her best, via her work with the Family Reading Partnership, to bring this tradition to homes across America.  So, what do you have to do?  It’s simple.  Pick a book (new or used), wrap it, and place it at the foot of the child’s bed after s/he goes to sleep on Christmas Eve -- or the eve of any holiday or special event you care to celebrate!  I’m not going to lie… I’m a little bit excited about the prospect of a few more minutes of sleep while my kids check out their new books.  But, much more than that, I think this is a fabulous way to instill a love for books and the belief that books and reading are magical!

For more information on “A Book on Every Bed,” check out the Family Reading Partnership’s website --