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Take Your Child to the Library Day

by Chrissie Morrison

Maybe it’s just because I am a mom and a Youth Services Librarian, but I feel like every day should be Take Your Child to the Library Day (TYCttLD).   Officially, nevertheless, TYCttLD – the brainchild of Nadine Lipman, retired Head of Children's Services at the Waterford (CT) Public Library – is held on the first Saturday of February.  Although the first annual celebration was held less than 2 years ago, in 2012, the idea has spread like wildfire.  More than 270 libraries in Canada, Germany, 2 Caribbean islands, and 36 states have already joined in on the fun.  If your library isn’t already participating, you should join the rest of us in 2014!  

One of my favorite things about TYCttLD is that, as long as you are encouraging people to bring their children to your library, you can elect to participate in any way you choose.  Seriously!  Even if you have absolutely no money in your budget for a TYCttLD celebration, there are plenty of ways to participate – including storytimes, “book character” visits, and library card drives.  For more suggested TYCttLD programs and activities, see my PDF flyer Take Your Child to the Library Day: When is it? What can I do? And why bother?!?  – available at &
My goal, as President of YSS, is to get the word out so that at least 75% of NYS public libraries participate in 2014.  I honestly can’t think of any reason a library would not want to participate, but I figure aiming for 75% is a little more realistic than 100% … this year!  After all, TYCttLD is a perfect way to showcase our libraries.  We can invite our current patrons and community partners while reaching out to community members and organizations we don’t yet work with.  And, while we’re at it, we can also use this as an opportunity to advocate for our libraries.  How?  By inviting the legislators and/or inviting families to send them postcards [also available for free download at NYLA’s advocacy page] explaining why libraries are so important to children and families.  

I know I don’t need to tell you all how important libraries are in the lives of children and families, so I won’t waste your time with fancy charts or statistics.  I guess this means the only thing left to say is, “I wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy your Take Your Child to the Library Day celebration!”