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News from SSL

With beautiful weather and Niagara Falls as the backdrop, the 2013 NYLA Conference was a thunderous success.  Many attendees were able to enjoy the Falls between exhilarating programs offered by excellent presenters.

At SSL’s booth in the exhibit hall, we asked all who stopped by to post their response to “What sparked your passion for libraries?” on our exhibit board.  Responses included comments such as:  My school librarian!, Love of reading, My Mother, …  All participants received a free NYLA/SSL light-up pen that was very much coveted.

Our own Sara Kelly Johns was inaugurated as President of NYLA with the theme for her presidency and next year’s Conference being “Open Libraries, Open Minds”. 

The Lifetime Achievement award was presented to Marcia Eggleston for her years of work and dedication to NYLA and SSL.  She is a Past President of NYLA and SSL, among other Board positions she has held.   Most recently she and Sara Kelly Johns have organized the popular SSL Educational Leadership Institutes held each summer at Cornell University.  In charge of logistics, Marcia worked diligently to make sure that everything ran smoothly throughout the the Institute.

Congratulations to Jill Leinung who received the Dewey Fellow Award in recognition of her accomplishments in the library profession, and her involvement in activities to advance the library community.  Jill has long been our SSL Legislative Representative, doing an excellent job keeping us informed.  Jill understands the way things work in our government and her recommendations have kept school libraries part of the conversation in Albany.

ALA President, Barbara Stripling inspired us with “Libraries Change Lives”, and many signed The Right to Libraries document to support her ALA presidential initiative.  Barbara also hails from New York State and was the lead and inspiration on the development of The Empire State information Fluency Continuum.

Livia Sabourin, SSL Vice President for Conferences, organized some excellent programming that had appeal for school librarians as well as public librarians and other library supporters.  Family Literacy Night for the Community was an especially well attended program.  The four librarians from the Pioneer CSD presented an exceptionally well organized program which clearly explained all aspects of this ambitious project.

Buffalo area author, Mick Cochrane spoke about writing, his books, and the power of story at our membership meeting on Saturday morning.  The President’s gavel was passed from Sue Kowalski to Karen Sperrazza.

By conference end, everyone was inspired, exhilarated, and despite exhaustion, ready to put new ideas into action.