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A Case of the Biblio Blahs?

News from the Empire Friends Roundtable

By Lisa C. Wemett

Dear Library Director and Friends Group President,

What happens to a great Friends group when the thrill is gone?  Are your most active volunteers beginning to have “burn out” issues?  Would a short vacation reinvigorate their efforts?  The Empire Friends Roundtable (EFR) says “Why not send them on a trip to Niagara Falls?”

A Friends of the Library group may join NYLA as an “organizational member” at the reduced rate of $57.  A new benefit entitles all elected Friends officers of the group to become non-voting members of NYLA at no additional cost.  The benefit includes the opportunity to attend the NYLA Annual Conference in Niagara Falls (September 25 through 28) at the Friends rate of $25 per person for a one-day pass.  (Individual volunteers may choose to join NYLA as first-time members and add EFR to their membership for just $30.)  Both Friends groups and personal members will receive a full year of benefits, including three issues of the EFR newsletter and NYLA’s electronic publications.  See NYLA’s web site for membership information:

EFR is excited to be heading to Niagara Falls.  EFR programs at the conference will include three sessions on “Friends Day,” Friday, September 27.  Topics will cover an introduction to cloud storage for Friends records and vital papers, ideas for projects involving large groups of volunteers, and a panel discussion on how to attract younger adults to volunteer with Friends groups.  EFR will also be hosting a networking luncheon for $25.  Your Friends will be enthused to attend the NYLA Trade Show where vendors show off new products and services to enhance your library.  The energy of like-minded colleagues, whether library staff or community members, will rub off on them!

Generate some excitement: encourage your Friends to participate in NYLA’s annual conference this fall.  Rekindle your volunteers’ passion for the vital work they do as they network with other Friends from around the state.  Re-energized, they might try a new fund-raiser, offer a new program, or underwrite a service or product they learn about for your community.  A small investment of time and money will carry them forward, as they rediscover their joy, and support even more successes for your library.  See you at The Falls!

Best regards,
Lisa C. Wemett
Vice-President and Conference Programmer
Empire Friends Roundtable/NYLA