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From the President

Disasters Suck!

August 2013
Carol Anne Germain, NYLA President

In the last number of years, New York has experienced its fair share of severe weather conditions, ranging from tropical storm Irene to Superstorm Sandy. We have had ice storms, heat waves, flash flooding, Nor’Easters, tornados and much more. Many New York libraries have encountered these weather-related catastrophes and suffered amazing devastation.  

Yet, New Yorkers are resilient and persevere. A silver lining to these tragedies is the outpouring of human kindness, in particular for libraries. NYLA and its members have been able to help many of these libraries through the NYLA Disaster Relief Fund. NYLA members have given generously to support this fund and its disaster outreach. Over the last year, a number of entities have partnered with NYLA to increase the Disaster Fund. Two of the main contributors have been Better World Books and St. James Church in New York City.  

The Better World Books collaboration was a national initiative within which book donations from around the country were collected and sold with a portion of every book being contributed to the New York and New Jersey Library Associations’ disaster funds. Thousands of books came in and are in the process of being sold. The initial disbursement from Better World Books was over $3500. As more of these donated books are purchased, additional funds will be contributed to the funds.  In April, a wonderful contribution came from the St. Jamesians: The St. James Church, Episcopal Diocese of New York Young Adult Network in New York City hosted their 6th Annual City-Wide Episcopal 20s/30s Trivia Night Fundraiser, and donated the proceeds of over $4000 to the Disaster Fund.

With these and other donations, the NYLA Disaster Fund has been able to provide monetary support to over 28 damaged New York libraries.
NYLA is lucky to have such good friends who are looking out for our libraries. If you would like to participate in adding to the NYLA Disaster Relief Fund, you can find more information and contribute at