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News from SSL

By Sue Kowalski

As we continue to move our organization forward, we are thrilled to have many of our NY school library leaders taking on new (and returning to) leadership roles throughout the State and country!  We congratulate Barbara Stripling, ALA President; Sara Kelly Johns, NYLA President Elect; Starr Latronica, Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), President Elect; Jennifer “Charlie” Kelly, NYLA Countcil at Large and Rocco Staino, ALA Chapter Council.  Other position changes will take place at the NYLA conference in September.
Professional Learning:
JUNE 2013: Activities and involvement by our members ran the gamut at ALA in Chicago.   Members were engaged in committee meetings, strategic planning, vendor exchanges, lectures, awards presentations, author talks, and inaugural events to name a few.    

President Stripling (ALA) and President Dickinson (AASL) were ushered in with well-deserved enthusiasm.  Their passion and leadership kicked off with a “Declaration of Libraries” (found here:  SSL will work collaboratively with AASL and ALA and we spread the word of this declaration throughout our communities.

AUGUST 2013:   At press time, plans are being finalized for our annual Carol Kearney Leadership Institute at Cornell University August 5-6.   The institute, Lead with the Common Core will be lead by presenters Paige Jaeger, Mary Ratzer, and Sue Kowalski. The event sold out quickly and we are thrilled to have 130 library professionals joining us from across the State.  Participants will have the opportunity to engage in research, discussion, and hands on application during the course of this dynamic training.   The event will also include a fundraiser (auction) to support scholarships for attendance at this annual event.   Last year’s auction funded 13 scholarships.    Additionally a “tech smackdown” event will give participants a chance to share their favorite app or website in an interactive and fast-paced exchange.     A board meeting will be held for 2 days prior to the institute.   In addition to regular business, members will participate in organizational strategic planning as we move forward and transform with the times.

AUGUST 2013:   Some of our members will be representing school libraries as they attend a two-day conference, Uncommon Approaches to the Common Core, on August 13 and 14, 2013, aimed at school librarians, public librarians, academic librarians, and representatives from museums, archives, public television, NYS historic sites, performing arts organizations, and public historians. This event is hosted by the NYS Office of Cultural Education.

SEPTEMBER 2013:  Plans are being firmed up for significant NYLA-SSL presence at NYLA in Niagara Falls.   In addition to our board and membership meetings, members are involved in a range of roles at the conference.   Several workshops have a school library focus and some members are presenting collaboratively with other sections of NYLA.   

NOVEMBER 2013:  From Nov 14-17, Hartford Connecticut will be alive with the spirit and energy of school librarians for the National AASL Conference,  “Rising to the Challenge”.   Members will again be involved in a ranged of leadership roles as committee members, volunteers, presenters, and learners.

NOVEMBER 2013:  Rochester will again host the NYSCATE (NYS Association for Computers and Technology in Education) and NYLA-SSL will have a booth for the 2nd year in row to make powerful connections between libraries and technology initiatives.  

APRIL 2014:  Syracuse will be the site for this year’s annual conference, “Expect More”.   Request for presenters are available at Keynote presenters include (to date): Dr. R. David Lankes, Dr. Marc Aronson, Richard Byrne, and Carol LeRow.

We continue to employ a variety of strategies to recruit new members and provide quality member benefits to all.   Through social media (NYLA-SSL and @nyla_ssl), our list serv, regional personal connections, and state-wide initiatives, we want our organization to continue to make an impact through our virtual and face to face presence.  We will transform with the times to make that difference.  

In addition to direct outreach to school districts, legislators, and community members about the value of a certified school librarian in every library/school, we are working in rich collaboration with ALA, AASL, and the NYS Regents Advisory Council with a focus on 2020 Vision Plan for Library Services in NYS.   We will continue our advocacy efforts with all of our stakeholders through a dynamic, positive and informative campaign that promotes “Strong Libraries build Strong Students”.