Empire Friends Section Formation Progress and Process

A great BIG thank you to everyone who signed our petition for a change to section status.  The petition was submitted to NYLA Council in the fall and was accepted.  We now await the vote by NYLA membership at the business meeting in Saratoga Springs this November.

You may now choose Emprie Friends as your primary section when you join or renew your NYLA membership.

The following is the initial call for petition signatures:

The Empire Friends Roundtable (EFR) is seeking a change in status from a Roundtable to a Section in NYLA. EFR serves a very specific population within NYLA; individual and organizational Friends of Libraries.

The mission of the Empire Friends is to promote and inspire local Friends groups in libraries of all types for the betterment of New York State's library community.

Many Friends who join EFR/NYLA do not choose a section because the current choices of sections do not meet the needs of these individuals and organizations. With EFR becoming a section, Friends of Libraries will have a section devoted to their specific needs, interests, and advocacy efforts.
The change in status from Roundtable to Section would give Empire Friends a broader financial base to serve its members, a wider selection of program slots at NYLA’s annual conference, and a seat on NYLA Council to better represent this important population.

Friends of Libraries are essential to the well-being of libraries across the state and nation. As funding sources change and shrink for all types of libraries, Friends of Libraries play an essential role in advocacy, volunteer service, and funding for libraries..