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Organizational Support for NYLA Disaster Relief

Following the effects of Superstorm Sandy, NYLA members and library supporters came together to raise money for the libraries most affected by the storm.

On April 27, the St. James Church, Episcopal Diocese of New York Young Adult Network in New York City hosted their 6th Annual City-Wide Episcopal 20s/30s Trivia Night Fundraiser. The Church holds this event annually, and chooses a charity for whom they want to raise money.  This year, NYLA’s Disaster Relief Fund was the recipient of the $4,350 raised at the event.

Donations were also received from the Nassau County Library Association, Law Librarians of New England and the Saratoga Springs Public Library.

As we know, libraries all provide an integral role as hubs of the communities they serve.  Following the devastating impact of Superstorm Sandy, libraries in New York suffered millions of dollars worth of damage, including the loss of books.  It is thanks to the generous support of organizations like these, that NYLA was able to provide financial aid to the most significantly impact libraries.

NYLA was able to distribute $1,000 to each of the following sixteen libraries that incurred damage as a result of the storm.

•    Long Beach Public Library
•    The Yonkers Riverfront Library
•    Queens Library: (5 community libraries)
     Peninsula / Broad Chanel / Seaside / Arverne / Howard Beach
•    East Rockaway Public Library
•    Brooklyn Public Library: (6 community branches)
     Brighton Beach / Coney Island / Gerritsen Beach / Gravesend / Red Hook / Sheepshead Bay
•    Island Park Public Library
•    Haverstraw King's Daughters Public Library

NYLA would like to thank everyone who came together to help out, as our libraries continue to rebuild from the storm.