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News from SSL

By Sue Kowalski

NYLA-SSL members may be nearing the end of the school year, but are initiatives and campaigns and planning are happening year round! Sue Kowalski

At our successful NYLA-SSL spring conference, "Savvy to the Core" in Rochester in April, approximately 300 school library leaders engaged in all aspects of the topics of leadership, instruction, literature, and technology.  Next year's conference, "Expect More" will be in Syracuse April 24-26 and we look forward to expanding our audience to include classroom teachers, public librarians, students and all those who impact school libraries.

Our annual Carol A. Kearney Leadership Institute will be held August 5-6 at Cornell and will empower 120 participants through training on "Innovative Leadership with the Common Core" with presenters Paige Jaeger, Mary Ratzer, and Sue Kowalski.

NYLA-SSL continues to provide informed outreach to members and their school districts and local communities to advocate for the critical role of a certified librarian in every school library.   In addition to working with NYLA, teams are working with the RAC-Champions for School Libraries group, NYLA Council, PAC groups, NYSED task forces, School Library System Association, Division of Library Development, NYS Regents, ALA, AASL and our statewide membership to raise awareness and support for certified school librarians and their role in digital literacy, integration of the Common Core Learning Standards, the proposed Regents research paper, and the leadership and integration of the Empire Information Fluency Continuum.

Workshops, letter writing, social media, face to face meetings, articles, showcase of best practices, and a range of targeted presentations are giving NYLA-SSL the opportunity to share our commitment to the need for a certified school librarian in every school.

Stakeholders across NYS are being "mugged" by our members.  Coffee mugs with the NYLA-SSL logo and the tag line "Your library IS the common core" are making their way around the State as tokens of our appreciation and reminder of our commitment to the power of libraries. If you would like to "mug" someone, contact Lisa Perkowski via our NYLA-SSL Facebook page for more information.

Our slate of officers for 2013-2014 was voted on at the April membership meeting. We congratulate and welcome the following to our leadership team.  President Elect: Jill Leinung, VP Communications, Beth Stancl, VP Conferences MaryAnn Karre, Treasurer Intern Tina Laramie; Regional Representatives include: Jane Herbst Region 1, Susan Polos Region 2, Anne Paulsen Region 5, Katie St. Laurent Region 6, Kathy Jarvis, Region 7, and Mary Ann Sheets, Region 8.

We congratulate and thank Maxine Kamin and Rosina Alaimo for decades of passion and service to various leadership roles on the Board. Dawn Pressimone and Kim Donius will be transitioning into their roles of Awards Chair and Membership Chair with mentors Kamin and Alaimo.  Maxine and Rosina have made a huge impact and will continue to guide our new leaders, too.

Kudos, as well, to Paige Jaeger, WHWSE BOCES School Library System Director, for receiving the 2013 School Library Systems Association Distinguished Service Award for her ongoing contribution to our profession in her region, across the State, and nationally, as well. We are lucky to benefit from her leadership and passion.