2013 Conference Program Descriptions


Program Slot #1
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Self-Publishing: What it is - What it isn’t
Sponsor: NYLA / ESRT
This presentation is geared towards equipping the librarian with the necessary tools to answer the question, “How do I publish my book?”. While the financial bar has been lowered to the point that almost anyone with something to say can publish a book, the self-publishing market is a virtual minefield that must be navigated if an author hopes for any form of success.  Librarians have been pointing people in the right direction for years.  This short, plain spoken, program will give the librarian the knowledge and confidence to guide an author into the right direction to suit their publishing needs.  The program emphasis will be on the process, not individual companies.
Track: Current Issues & Research
Speaker: Ron Pramschufer, Self Publishing, Inc.

Sparking Open Access Publishing for Faculty
Sponsor: ASLS
This panel will discuss open access publishing and how to encourage faculty to publish in open access journals.  Challenges facing academic publishing, as well as the escalating costs of managing serials collections will also be addressed.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Jenica Rogers, SUNY Potsdam
Amy Buckland, McGill University (pictured)
Jim DelRosso, Cornell University (pictured)

Self-motivation for Prison and Jail Librarians
Panel will present ways one-person library personnel can stay on top of their profession and organize their work for rewarding results inside sometimes bleak surroundings. Please bring some of your own self-motivating resources, stories, and ideas to share.
Track: User Services
Merribeth Advocate, Mid-Hudson Library System
Corinne Leone, Gowanda Correctional Facility
Judy Doyle, Hudson Correctional Facility

What’s Your Library’s Reputation?
Sponsor: LAMS
How is your library marketing itself?  Is your library sending the right message to your community? Are you sending the wrong message and not realizing it? Learn how to create consistent and well thought out marketing messages and a reputation as a strong library.
Track: Core Knowledge & Career Development
Rebekkah Smith-Aldrich, Mid-Hudson Library System
Gillian Thorpe, Julia L. Butterfield Memorial Library

The Human Library - Real Books and Conversation
Sponsor: PLS RSLP
Check out a human from the Toronto Public Library’s Human Library.   The Human Library is designed to promote dialogue, reduce prejudices, and encourage understanding that can be replicated in your community.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Linda Hazzan, Toronto Public Library
Ab. Velasco, Toronto Public Library

The Future of Reference CollectionsTools for Managing Digital Collections
Sponsor: RASS
Spreadsheets and spreadsheet applications are pervasive when it comes to metadata management. They are used for generating, capturing, editing, importing, exporting, exchanging and reporting of metadata. Opinions about this fact aside, the reality is that it is critical to know how to properly use spreadsheet applications within this context. This workshop will explore some useful metadata management features within Excel and Google Spreadsheets and talk about how to work around them when they behave badly.
Track: Technology & Digital Information
Speaker: Chris Lacinak, AudioVisual Preservation Solutions

Just Imagine! Libraries Welcoming Everyone!
Sponsor: RLSP
Come to share your opinion about future program topics to help libraries provide access to all, including people with all types of disabilities.
Track: Diverse & Special Populations
Speaker: Brigid Cahalan, New York Public Library

Create a School Library Writing Center
Sponsor: SSL
Learn how to create a Writing Center that operates within the school library during the day, and after school.  The writing center utilizes peer tutoring to address Common Core Standards in writing.
Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Speaker: Timothy Horan, Hauppauge High School

YOUmedia: Cypher @ Teen Central
Sponsor: YSS
Encourage your teen users to hang out, mess around, and geek out by developing a space in your library where they can explore, express, and create using digital media.
Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Tonia Burton, Rochester Public Library
Brian Bailey, Nazareth College

Program Slot #2
4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

Sparking Internal Academic Library Advocacy
Sponsor: ASLS
Network with fellow ASLS members at this unconference session that will focus on brainstorming ideas for advocacy within your library.  Advocating to library directors can be daunting, but discussions during this session should provide new ideas.  Membership meeting will follow.  Come by for ideas, coffee, and cookies.
Track: Core Knowledge & Career Development
Speaker: Elaine Lasada Bergman, University at Albany

Libraries Supporting Released Offenders and Families
Sponsor: CORT
Offenders are released into our communities everyday. Many are referred to the public library for "free" internet access, employment, and literacy programs. Hear from re-entry services providers, who work directly with ex-offenders, about what their needs are for themselves, and their families.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Antwan Diggs, Western NY Coalition for Re-entry
Sharon Spaker, Peace Prints
Karen Smith, Spectrum Human Services
Tracy Fleming, Buffalo Urban League
Judy Doyle, Hudson Correctional Facility

Disseminating Multicultural Works Through Self-Publishing
A panel composed of self-published authors of ethnic literature and a professional in the publishing industry will share their experiences in self-publishing.
Track: Diverse & Special Populations
Tejas Desai, Queens Library
Neesha Meminger, Author and Filmmaker
Dr. Rahimeh Andalibian, Author and Clinical Psychologist
Ron Pramschufer, Self-Publishing Inc.

Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) – What Does it Mean for Libraries?
Sponsor: NY3Rs
Learn about DPLA’s steps toward the realization of a large-scale digital public library that will unlock a trove of historical and cultural data digitized, archived and easily searchable thanks to rich metadata.
Track: Technology & Digital Information
Speakers: Emily Gore, Digital Public Library of America

Travel the Road to a Special Legislative District
Sponsor: PLS
The Buffalo Erie County Public Library will be asking voters in Erie County to create one library district comprised of autonomous public libraries.  Key personnel will discuss this ambitious effort.
Track: Administration & Leadership
Mary Jean Jakubowski, Buffalo Erie Public Library
Jack Connors, Buffalo Erie Public Library
Joy Testa Cinquino, Buffalo Erie Public Library
Libby Post, Communication Services

Enhancing Libraries for Children with Autism
Sponsor: RLSP / SSL / YSS
Learn how to make your library more welcoming to individuals with autism. Find out how iPads and  other technology, and innovative programming can help.
Track: Diverse & Special Populations
Marie Vahue, Summit Educational Resources
Andrea Brown, Summit Educational Resources

Get SMART with Mobile Websites
Sponsor: SMART
Learn about tools and complementary technologies that will help you and your staff, without advanced technical skills, create and easily maintain a professional, functional mobile site at little to no cost.
Track: Technology & Digital Information
Speaker: Karrie McLellan, East Greenbush Community Library

Information, Technology, Imagination, Intelligence and Teens
Sponsor: SSL / BIRT
Being hyper-connected and tech-savvy does not equate to being intelligent.  We will introduce a recipe for empowering students to explore, answer questions, and think critically to build knowledge with technology.
Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Speaker: Paige Jaeger, WSWHE BOCES

YSS Membership Meeting and Meet Adam Gidwitz
Sponsor: YSS
Author Adam Gidwitz will tell a REALLY Grimm fairy tale, and then relate how imagination, and a little bit of reading, transformed him from a boy who never wrote into a writer.
Track: School & Youth Programs, Services, and Literacy
Speaker: Adam Gidwitz