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  Not Just For Kids


I recently enjoyed a meal with a fellow librarian during which our conversation turned to the topic of, big surprise, books!  My dinner mate began talking about books they had read or might read for a book club comprised of adults.  She talked about how wrapped up in the conversation the participants became over a book they had read.  And did I mention the books she talked about were either teen or children’s titles?

What continues to amaze me is the power that stories have to draw us out (or bring us in), to encourage conversation and thoughtful reflection.  Even as adults, titles marketed towards children and teens can have a profound impact on us.  They can give us something to ponder and discuss that we might not have taken the time to reflect on before.

Some of the children’s or teen titles I have read as an adult have provoked questioning and some have provoked delight.  While it may be that not all books will suit everyone’s tastes and interests, when considering what to read, it’s worth considering books marketed to young people.  This is not just because we may work with youth or have young people in our lives, but because we may just be surprised by their depth, their insight, their humor, and their ability to help us to be a bit more understanding and a bit more considerate of others and our world.

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Jennifer Ogrodowski
YSS President