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PLS Bestows Annual Building Awards at NYLA Conference

Each year, PLS offers Best Building Awards, in either renovation or new construction.  This year’s Building Awards in renovation went to the Farmingdale Public Library, serving a population over 20,000 and the Saugerties Public Library, serving a community less than 20,000 people.

The focus of the two awards is the impact that a construction project has had on the library’s ability to provide services to its community. Emphasis will be placed on projects that demonstrate cost effective solutions to space challenges as well as innovative usage of space and floor plans.

The Farmingdale Public Library implemented a well- planned and strategic building renovation that addressed the needs of its community, and future goals of the library. Through strong organization, the library worked with internal and external individuals to determine the best use of library space in order to provide high demand library services. The library also minimized cost impact on community members by securing funds through state and private grants along with interest on investments. The project as a whole incorporated improved spatial design, increased access to information technologies, outreach to teen and senior patrons, and created a more user-friendly learning environment.  The Computer Center is pictures on the right.

The Saugerties Public Library conducted a thorough study of community needs, and assessed the feasibility of a new and improved community library. Following the consideration of three different options, the library and community decided to restore and expand its 1915 Carnegie Library to provide 21st century library services. Renovations included improved accessibility for patrons with special needs, “green” building materials and mechanical systems, outreach to children, young adults, and seniors, and enlarged meeting and work space areas for staff and community members. Overall project drastically improved the library and made it the focal point of the community.  The library's interior is pictured left.

Both libraries received a $1,000 award, a display plaque and an official press release from the Public Libraries Section of NYLA for the library to distribute to its local media outlets.

Next  year’s Building Awards will be awarded to new construction projects.  For more information, please visit the PLS Awards page.