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NYLA Regional Chapters

Acting on a request from the Suffolk County Library Association, NYLA has developed a structure that would allow for the formation of regional chapters.  This initiative would provide administrative services and ‘back end’ support to regional groups by incorporating them into NYLA’s existing infrastructure.

In order for this project to move forward, amendments to the NYLA bylaws will be required.  The proposed amendments are outlined below and will be voted on at the Annual Membership Meeting, Thursday, November 8 at 8:00 AM, as part of the NYLA Annual Conference in Saratoga Springs, NY.  All NYLA members in good standing who are present are eligible to vote on the proposal.

Bylaw Amendments

ARTICLE XIV (new article)

NYLA Chapters
Sec. 1. Creation
a. Upon petition of at least 300 NYLA members, the Council may authorize the establishment of a Regional Chapter. The petition shall include a statement of purpose that does not fall within the scope of any existing Section, or Chapter, nor fall within an area already served by a NYLA Chapter, and must stipulate that the Chapter will serve all types of librarians within the proposed service area. After approval of Council, the motion to establish a Chapter shall be presented to the membership at an annual meeting and shall be approved by a majority vote of those members present.

Sec. 2. Membership
A Chapter may admit members who are not members of the New York Library Association, but a minimum of 25% of a Chapter’s members must also be members of the New York Library Association.  The current president of a regional chapter must be a NYLA member in good standing.

Sec. 3. Responsibilities
No Chapter may speak for the Association, commit NYLA to any policy or action, or incur expenses on behalf of the Association. Chapters shall provide written annual reports to the NYLA office on the activities of their Chapter two weeks before the Annual Conference.

Sec. 4. Officers
Officers of the Chapter shall be elected according to Chapter Bylaws and shall assume office at the same time as other NYLA officers.

Sec. 5. Bylaws
Bylaws of Chapter shall not be in conflict with the Bylaws of the New York Library Association.

Sec. 6. Dissolution
When the need for any Chapter has ceased, or is being addressed in other ways, or when membership of a Chapter ceases to be maintained at the 300 member level, and/or NYLA membership among the Chapter members falls below 25%, for a period of two consecutive years, it may be abolished by two‐thirds of the total vote of the Council or the Chapter may vote to abolish itself.


Sec. 2 Membership
The council shall consist of the officers of the Association, the immediate Past President, six Councilors at‐Large and the ALA Chapter Councilor. Each Section shall be represented by its President or by such other member of the Section Board or an individual elected from the Section membership as the Section
Board may decide. <addition> Each Chapter shall be represented by its President or by such other member of the Chapter Board or an individual elected from the Chapter membership as the Chapter
Board may decide, provided the representative is a NYLA member in good standing.

Details on the structure and functioning of NYLA Chapters is outlined in the:

Suffolk County Library Association Chapter Proposal Overview (PDF)