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Here you can click on links to join or renew online, download application forms to mail or fax back to the office, search the membership directory or update your membership information through the Online Membership Center. This page also provides links to make a tax-deductible donation to a variety of NYLA’s Funds (Fund for the Future, Scholarship, Intellectual Freedom, etc.) and take part in current surveys or elections.


Personal Membership

Personal Membership Form

First-Time Member: $25

Regular/Renewing Member:

Income Dues
Up to $19,999 $35
$20,000–$29,999 $60
$30,000–$39,999 $80
$40,000–$49,999 $100
$50,000-$99,999 $125
$100,000+ $150








Trustee/Friend: $30

Retired/Unemployed: $30

Library Assistant/Support Staff: $25

Student: $15


Organizational Membership

Check out the NEW Organizational Dues Structure for Libraries and Library Systems

Organizational Membership Form (PDF)

Associate Member Worksheet (PDF)
Use this form to collect membership details from those who you will be assigning associate members to before completing your order to ensure you have all the necessary details. (optional)

New NYLA Library/Library System Dues Structure

Library Budget

Dues Rate

Designated Representative / Number of Associate Members

$1 - $50K



$50K - $100K



$100K - $500K


1 / 1

$500K - $1M


1 / 3

$1M - $3M


1 / 7

$3M - $10M


1 / 14

$10M +


1 / 24



Friends Group: $50

Library/Information Science School: $95

Not-for-Profit Organization (NON-Library): $95

Affiliate Organization: $95

For-Profit Organization: $175

Library/Library System Trustee: Library/Library System organizational membership entitles the library/library systems trustees to become non-voting members of NYLA.  Click here to download the registration form here.

Friends Group Elected Officers: Friends Group organizational membership entitles the Friends Group elected officers to become non-voting members of NYLA. Click here to download the registration form.

NYLA Chapter - SCLA

Check out the details on NYLA's first regional chapter, the Suffolk County Library Association, and join online.

Don't want to join online?  A print & mail SCLA / NYLA membership form is available - click here.

Joint NYLA/ALA Memberships

Become a joint member of NYLA/ALA for students by clicking here.

Joint Student Membership: $40

Joint ALA/NYLA Student Membership Brochure