SMART Strategic Plan

Statement of Purpose

(Organized in 1959 as the Resources and Technical Services Section. Name changed to SMART in 1980/81.)

SMART serves personnel in all types of libraries and information centers. SMART recognizes that information exists in a variety of forms and places, and that information transfer often takes place without reference to the printed page. SMART focuses on acquisitions, cataloging, serials control, circulation, conservation, collection management and on-line services.

The Section on Management of Information Resources and Technology shall foster research; promote the development of appropriate standards; disseminate information to the membership via publications, demonstration, and presentation; monitor technical developments significant to library applications; and facilitate and encourage special interest programming, including liaison with appropriate private sector groups.

Goals & Objectives

1. To bring information about innovations and developments in SMART’s areas of concern, as identified in the SMART statement of purpose, to the attention of NYLA membership


  • To continue to provide a variety of excellent, relevant programs at each annual NYLA conference, and at regional workshops
  • To continue to hold the Rudi Weiss Memorial Lecture, which is of interest to the entire library community, at each annual NYLA conference
  • To aid members of the New York State library community by disseminating appropriate information that supports the concerns of this Section

2. To increase visibility and awareness of SMART as a section of NYLA


  • To increase the number of NYLA members who belong to SMART
  • To increase the visibility and awareness of the contributions of SMART to NYLA and its membership
  • To increase the involvement of SMART members in the activities of the Section

3. To increase the level of expertise, within the library community in New York State, within SMART's areas of concern


  • To provide a variety of professional development opportunities at each NYLA conference and through other SMART programs and activities
  • To support professional development in New York State

Adopted by the SMART Executive Board in 1989, amended October 2010