RASS Web Committee Liaison


The RASS Web Liaison is responsible for keeping the RASS website in good order, by ensuring the content is current, informative, and accurate. The Web Liaison should pull old information and replace it with the new information as soon as it becomes available.

The NYLA Content Management System (CMS) allows web site maintenance with minimal HTML coding knowledge. However, a strong understanding of HTML coding and web experience can help, and is suggested.


The Web Liaison will work closely with the RASS President and other RASS Officers as needed to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of the information provided on the web page.

The Web Liaison will also work with a member of the NYLA Web Committee who will monitor the page and will make suggestions to the RASS Web Liaison about improvements or mistakes on the page. The Web Committee member will also help the RASS Web Liaison if they are having difficulty with some aspect of their web work.

Attendance at the RASS Board meetings is not a requirement, but is recommended so that the Liaison can be informed on any changes to RASS that might affect the information given on the web page.

The Web Liaison will make all changes to the web page as requested by the RASS President or Board within two weeks of the request.

The Web Liaison can attend the NYLA Web Committee meetings, but it is not required.

The Web Liaison will work closely with the RASS President and Archivist in order to determine what should remain on the page in order to provide a history of the group.

The Liaison is responsible for keep the RASS Board informed of changes within NYLA that might effect the RASS Web Page.

The Web Liaison shall submit activity reports to the RASS President as required.

At the end of the Web Liaisons’ term, they will turn over all relevant documentation to the incoming Liaison. They should also work with the RASS President to try to ensure training, if necessary, to the incoming Liaison as needed.