RASS Treasurer


The Treasurer is responsible for the financial records of the Section, including preparing a budget, handling reimbursement requests, and reporting on the financial state of the Section to the Executive Board and NYLA.

Duties and Timeline

  • Receives all requests for reimbursement of the Section under the direction of the President or Executive Board. Reviews and signs requests for reimbursements and sends them to the President who in turns co-signs the requests and sends them to the NYLA bookkeeper for payment. The requests may be faxed to the President and to the NYLA bookkeeper if the payment deadline is tight.
  • Receives and reviews monthly financial reports from NYLA. Verifies that all expenses and revenues recorded on the NYLA statements agree with the Treasurer’s records. Contacts the NYLA bookkeeper to discuss any discrepancies.
  • Submits written financial statements at the Executive Board meetings, including the Annual Membership/Business meeting. .
  • Prepares a year-end report in January (or as soon as the Treasurer receives the year-end financial statement from NYLA), which is helpful for planning the following year’s budget. The report should summarize all revenues and expenses by category.
  • Assists the Executive Board in planning the annual Section budget. This process starts as soon as all the year-end statements arrive, and is completed in the first quarter of the year. Recommended timeline is to have a draft budget prepared by the first Executive Board meeting of the year, and the budget is finalized during the second meeting.
  • Receives and reviews the audiovisual request forms for conference programs sent by the Programming Chair; signs and faxes them to the NYLA office.
  • Assists with conference booth sales activities: advises when sales tax must be charged (check with the NYLA bookkeeper before each conference); makes change for the cash box (bring $50-75 in 1 and 5 dollar bills to the booth as soon as the booth opens); and counts cash receipts at the end of each day and delivers the money to the NYLA bookkeeper at the NYLA store. The Treasurer should request that a RASS member verify the cash count and note the total for the cash box. The NYLA bookkeeper will re-count the money and issue a receipt.
  • Throughout the year, is available to answer questions from the Executive Board and Committee Chairs about financial matters, especially regarding conference activities and expenses, and the RASS budget in general.
  • Serves as liaison to NYLA Treasurer’s Group. Attends Treasurer’s meeting at the annual conference.
  • Passes on all Treasurer’s records in good order to the incoming Treasurer within one month after the annual NYLA conference, or by November 1 if no conference is held.