RASS Secretary


The Secretary is responsible for attending all RASS Board meetings and keeping minutes of the proceedings. The Secretary is also responsible for distributing Board meeting minutes, maintaining the Board membership list, and communicating the results of annual votes to the appropriate parties.


Duties and Timeline

  • Within two weeks before each Board meeting, the Secretary will distribute the draft minutes of the previous board meeting to the Board via e-mail for comments and corrections.
  • The Secretary will work with the President to create a summary board report to be posted RASS web page within two weeks of all board meetings. The summary will be replaced by the approved minutes once they are approved.
  • Approved board meeting minutes will be distributed by the Secretary immediately following each board meeting to every board member via e-mail as well as to the Web Liaison for posting on the RASS web page.
  • The Secretary must send the draft and the approved minutes, along with the Treasurer’s report, to NYLA HQ within two weeks following the Board meeting.
  • The Secretary will tally and report immediately the names of the successful candidates to all officers, members of the Executive Board, and candidates. The Secretary will work with the Past President to ensure this is done in a timely manner.
  • The Secretary is responsible for tallying the results of all elections and reporting the results to the RASS Board and the NYLA HQ.
  • The Secretary should maintain a complete and accurate list of the Board members with their contact information, and ensure the President and Web Liaison both have current copies. This is updated as needed. The Secretary, when requested by a Board member, will search through past minutes as needed for information.
  • The Secretary should maintain a file containing 5 years of minutes and election results, along with other information as deemed necessary, to be passed on to the next person in office.
  • The Secretary should pass on all minutes and election results older then 5 years to the RASS archivist for storage.
  • The Secretary should submit activity reports to the RASS President as required.
  • The Secretary will compile a "Motions Report" at the end of the year. This report will include a summary of all motions made during the course of the year as well as include voting results.