RASS Past President

Overview and Duties

The Past President will:

  • Chair the Nominating Committee. In the absence of a committee, the Past-President is responsible for filling all elected posts as described below.
  • Chair the Section and Planning Committee
  • Serve on other Committees as requested by the President
  • Submit activity reports to the President as required.


Duties and Timeline

Section and Planning Committee

  • This Committee deals with any projects that involve the future of the section, such as the Long Range Plan and Bylaws revision.
  • This Committee is called at the request of the President.
  • The membership of the Committee should include the Immediate Past-President (chair), the Vice-President, and other members as decided on by the President.

Nominating Committee

  • The President will select one or two members to work on the Committee with the Immediate Past President if desired.
  • The Pat-President/Nominating Committee should post open elected Board positions in the first RASSmatazz newsletter of the year. The deadline for posting it in MemberClicks, according to the Bylaws, is March 31, but earlier is better. Posting the first announcement by the end of January is recommended.
  • Multiple requests may be posted. Inquiries to the Board for recommendations can be helpful.
  • All candidates should submit biographical information and a position statement to the Past-President/Nominating Chair by April 30.
  • While the Past-President/Nominating Committee has to consider all nominations, the Past-President/Nominating Committee reserves the right to select the final slate with the approval of the President and an vote of the Executive Board.
    • The slate can be approved via the list-serv as entries come in, or, if there is a Nominating Committee, the Committee can send them to the list as they are approved by the Committee.
  • The Past-President/Nominating Committee will present the proposed slate at the meeting following the May 1 deadline to the Executive Board for approval.
  • If there are uncontested nominations, then a vote by the membership Is not required. Instead, the Secretary shall cast one ballot for each uncontested nominee at the Executive Board meeting following the May 1 deadline.
  • For any contested positions, the Past-President/Nominating Committee has to create a ballot. Three months before the Annual Membership/Business Meeting, the ballots should be mailed out or electronically delivered to all members of the section for vote.
    • It is advisable to use a commercial mailers, and ask around for prices since there can be a range.
    • Be sure to give members plenty of time to return ballots, since not all members receive their ballots at the same time. Posting reminders to MemberClicks might help with the return rate.
  • At least one month before the Annual Membership/Business meeting, the ballots are to be returned to the Secretary, who will tally the ballots and notify the President of the results. If the Secretary is on the ballot, the President will select one member of the Executive Board to tally and report the results. Any ballot postmarked less than one month before the Annual Meeting is void.
  • The Past President/Nominating Committee should ensure that the ballots are either mailed directly to the person designated to tally them, or deliver them to the person. The Past President/Nominating Committee also must ensure the ballots are given to the President, who must keep them until January 1 of the following year.
    • The results of the election are announced to the Section membership at the Annual Membership/Business meeting. Announcements then can be posted in RASSMataz, MemberClicks, web page, etc…
  • The Past President should send out letters of welcome to all new Board members. The letters should verify their position, and invite them to attend the Board meeting at the conference, as well as the Membership meeting.
  • The Past President, along with the President and the Vice-President, will work to welcome new Board members at the Annual Membership/Business meeting.